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Pretty sure there's a function in game that allows you to load up decks for other people to use. Also about this seating function , just use the turn order or predetermine the seating based on the number of players. Quite simple really.
Quote from: Snoogy on April 08, 2015, 01:22:51 AM
If you copy a plugin like War3000 and rename that copy to a plugin's name, such as "vtes" or what-have-you, Lackey will think you have that plugin installed and will show you who is playing it.

I don't think Trevor wants the names of plugins to be shown as I've heard that there are some people who official test commercial card games on Lackey, that only makes me more curious though!  ;D  *helps nudge*

I know that , it requires actually knowing all the names of plugins and ensuring you've spelt them EXACTLY as they've been listed.There's like 3 versions of vtes around as it is (VTES,vtes and vtes with other stuff attached to it) You'll also be unable to actually notice any new plugin that gets created unless you know about it on the forums or somehow hear someone talk about it in the mostly dead chat.

People who wanted to test official card games had plenty of ways before without needing to have everyone stuck in a perpetual fog of war.
If they REALLY wanted nobody to know about it , they could have just gave it a bogus name or used a peer 2 peer so it doesn't even show up on the main server. Possibly passwords too. ... i'll stop ranting now.
Man remember when we could actually see what games everyone was playing and not needing to ask on the forums? Those were the times...
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Yu-gi-oh plug-in?
February 10, 2015, 12:47:40 PM
It's similar but i'd suggest ygopro. That's where i've been telling everyone who comes here asking for the plugin to go , either there or duelingnetwork.
General Discussion Forum / Re: let's play Weiss Schwarz
September 08, 2014, 03:28:30 PM
It would be a lot easier to find people to play games with if you could actually see what plugin they're using without having it installed. Especially for games with little to no players with a plugin that may or may not be hard to get. Also no WS isn't in english , not entirely anyway. Probably about 5% of it's been localised.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Teach me vanguard
August 30, 2014, 06:19:43 PM
I can do it, i just need a link to the plugin and your skype details. I'm not an expert at it but I know just enough to teach you how to play the game.
Tournaments and Events / Re: YUGIOH
August 30, 2014, 05:11:04 PM
I don't think this is going to happen anytime soon.
Quote from: Ascott29 on August 09, 2014, 03:35:44 PM
Is there a copy of the Yugioh plugin that has cards up to the Pendulum summon cards? Cause the current one is a few sets back from the look of things.

Not to my knowledge. If you'd like to try the pendulum cards i'd suggest going on dueling network or downloading YGOpro as they're more reliable when it comes to yugioh considering it's their only focus, and there's more people playing it too.

Either that or try and implement them yourself. I'm not quite sure who's maintaining the plugin (if anyone) so I doubt we'll see them on lackey anytime soon.
I've asked for an OR feature a while back myself and Trevor seems adamant about the thought that it will be 'way too complex' for our little heads to get used to. If you somehow manage to convince him to add it in, more power to you but for now you'll have to do it the long way and pray you have enough slots.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Yugioh Plugin, No Packs
August 04, 2014, 03:32:07 AM
You could also try looking through the pack that's already on the plug-in to see how the previous creator laid everything out once you understand what does what. You might be able to just copy a bunch of it and edit a few things around.
There's an old plugin for Z/X that can be found here: not quite sure about the rest.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Yugioh Plugin, No Packs
August 03, 2014, 02:50:26 AM
I don't think anyone has bothered to add packs for the yugioh plugin since it never really had a 'sealed' playstyle.
Also I'm not quite sure if it's being maintained anymore since I haven't seen any updates being announced here on the forum.
The last person who used to maintain it was skye who stopped for personal reasons and i have no idea who is taking care of it now.

You could try tinkering around with lackey and add all the packs yourself if you're up for some learning.
Does it come with the rulebook or a general instruction file on how to play? You can't just expect people to suddenly start playing something with no idea how.

Also when would you be on to test?

Just asking these in case someone is interested.
This current version of lackey requires you to manually input the URL in that white box as the plugin finder has yet to be re-implemented.

Which plugin were you looking for to download/update?
Quote from: carapippino on March 09, 2014, 04:47:21 AM
Quote from: Trevor on October 02, 2013, 12:58:57 AM
I fixed a number of the bugs and lackey should now use less memory and hopefully be faster.

Some plugin makers requested that I make plugin names of plugins people are running only visible to people who have those plugins installed. So if you don't have a plugin that someone else has, you will see that person's plugin listed as "(uninstalled plugin)". This is to better help people develop private plugins and use the server.

i can understand the point of view of plugins developers (as i am for 3), but, if i'm a player of, lets' say, 15 games, i can't load everytime 15 plugins to see if someone is on the server with any of them loaded too, it is frustrating; all considering that the bigger part is taken by mgc players and if u ask in chat no one answers back

This is the exact reason I stopped using lackey a while ago. It's swarmed with magic players and the whole silly plug in masking thing simply killed all of the community for non private games which aren't magic.
Especially with it's new iteration, i mean put your self in a new player's shoes. You can't even download plugins anymore as conveniently as before so that's just a needless barrier that prevents them from trying it.
When you join the lobby everything is obscured by this 'uninstalled plugin' making it seem more unwelcoming than it was before and the chat is mostly silent so good luck getting any help unless you're one of the few who know how to or have bothered looking at the forums.

I ended up in their shoes a while back since I got a new laptop and had to re-install everything for the millionth time and I have to say it's very off putting and as I see it you've essentially cut out any new players who don't play magic from joining just to please a few plugin creators.
If someone doesn't want people to join their games/plugins we already had systems in place such as passworded rooms and muting ones who bother us but I don't see why a new plugin creator would want to bar people from joining and keep it's community small (besides wanting to play with friends).