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Yugioh Plugin, No Packs

Started by Chris103190, August 03, 2014, 12:45:41 AM

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Hey guys, I'm trying to open some yugioh boosters so me and a friend can "collect" and do sealed with our card pool! But there is only one booster in the packs... I have the latest yugioh plugin, whats up with that?


I don't think anyone has bothered to add packs for the yugioh plugin since it never really had a 'sealed' playstyle.
Also I'm not quite sure if it's being maintained anymore since I haven't seen any updates being announced here on the forum.
The last person who used to maintain it was skye who stopped for personal reasons and i have no idea who is taking care of it now.

You could try tinkering around with lackey and add all the packs yourself if you're up for some learning.


Not really sure how to get started... I love tinkering though haha, could you give me a headstart?


Trevor made a tutorial just for this kind of occasion! :

You will find the pack definition file(s) in the packs sub-folder of the plugin's own folder ( ..\Lackey\plugins\yugioh\packs\ )


You could also try looking through the pack that's already on the plug-in to see how the previous creator laid everything out once you understand what does what. You might be able to just copy a bunch of it and edit a few things around.