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let's play Weiss Schwarz

Started by IEatYourSoul, September 07, 2014, 11:08:31 PM

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For love of god someone play this game with me. Took me like a whole day just to find the plugin and now I never see a single soul playing it.
I have been lurking the server lobby waiting for someone to start a public game or waiting for some one join the game I host.

If anyone has an updated version of WS please point me in the right direction.

Also I can be contacted via skype:


That game looks cool. Is it in English?


I have the feeling that 90 % are playing Magic the Gathering. It's hard to find players for ANY other game :/


There are a number of games people play on the Lackey server, Trevor could probably provide a more complete list but from what I can see (because of the 'not installed' thing...) there are people playing:


I don't remember where to get all these plugins but they shouldn't be too hard to find, except for the WS plugin which I'll send to you on skype.

(26 out of 74 players (35%) are playing Magic the Gathering ;P )


It would be a lot easier to find people to play games with if you could actually see what plugin they're using without having it installed. Especially for games with little to no players with a plugin that may or may not be hard to get. Also no WS isn't in english , not entirely anyway. Probably about 5% of it's been localised.


100 % true! It would be very nice to see what game they are playing. AND if there is an autoupdate-link, why not let a player that doesn't have the game just double-click or right click the game of a player playing a different game and then chose to download that game .... that would make a lot more compatible games a lot easier.


yeah i have been meaning to ask if that could on of the features in next up date just kept on forgeting to ask about it also i get really frustrated when i cant play with any one on the plugin that im on most teh time either vangaurd or yugioh


Quote from: Trevor on September 08, 2014, 06:02:42 AM
That game looks cool. Is it in English?
They do have an English version but the amount of cards within the version pale in comparison to the amount of cards within the Japanese version, last I checked.
Translations have been out for quite some time though. It also seems like people who do own the cards tend to buy the Japanese version instead of the English version for the same reason.