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I've got a qwerty keyboard and it's not the tilda key, heck lackey doesn't even let me enter that key anywhere while typing.

The plugin I'm using (Weiss Schwarz) only comes with large images for each of the cards so I have to resize things to be able to see the rest of the options but since they still pop out of the borders they end up blocking the view anyway.

Could you perhaps add an option or a button that forces cards to stay in their borders?
I'm having issues with card images popping out of their borders whenever they're either selected in anyway while using the deck editor or in game.

Also what happened to the ? , ~ and U buttons that used to display the text box for cards? Currently only \ works and it took me a while to find that button.
Sign me up, I always like trying new CCG/TCG's. My username on lackey's magekirbys(s), with the extra S being there only due to lackey connection problems sometimes.
Thanks for posting this plugin, I've been looking around for it for a while now if only to find some players.

It's missing a lot of the images though when you download them trough the updater. They seem to load if you hover over them in the deck builder.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Deck building questions
February 26, 2012, 03:10:20 PM
So there's a way to let me view all cards that have the name 'goldeen' and all the cards that have the name 'cubone' at the same time?
General Discussion Forum / Deck building questions
February 26, 2012, 01:31:09 PM
Is there a way to be able to view cards from two or more formats ?

Is it possible to use the filters in a way to be able to view lets say all cards that start with, lets say for example: the name criterias 'The' or 'And' or '...' all at the same time?

Cause i've been trying to view cards from multiple formats on the pokemon plugin and the only way I can think of doing it is by putting a restriction criteria of 'doesn't contain' or 'is not' for all other the sets that I don't want but the thing is there are too many different set ID's so I can't do this because lackey doesn't offer enough filters and if it did it takes a long while to do so anyway.
Woo the first set is completed , congratulations and keep up the hard work :D
Fridays and saturdays mostly but I can try to squeeze in Next Thursday aswell.
Quote from: MegaMan on January 22, 2012, 08:53:35 PM

what is your lackey screen name?
The same as my forum name ' magekirbys'

Quote from: MegaMan on January 22, 2012, 08:53:35 PM
im generally on after work in the evenings around 4 or 5 pacific time to about 12 or 1 in the morning
Darn, that's Midnight to 8AM for me. Oh well i'll see what I can do but i think i'll only be able to beta test on the weekends
Wow the new cards look awesome.

I'm interested in beta testing but I haven't been able to find you on lackey . At what times are you usually on?

Also what does the red border around some of the robot master's ability mean? and is it still possible to request a robot master cause i'd like to request gemini man.
Is there any news about how the plugin is progressing along , cause i'm kinda looking forward to giving it a try once it's completed.
So at what times are you on the server?
It can be made with a deck (custom or random as it was originally) but i don't think i'd be any good since the game isn't really that great as it is anyway.

For random you'd just need someone to load a deck containing all cards from each element type including both of your specialities and then you just randomly pick 1 at a time , taking turns until all your zones contain 4 cards of each element type and choosen speciality, then you play as normal.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Lets play Vanguard
September 10, 2011, 10:47:14 AM
If I recall correctly there's a small group of people who play trough lackey on vanguard's wiki page.

I've played too a bit from time to time.
CCG Design Forum / Re: Help with summoning mechanic
June 11, 2011, 12:19:10 PM
How about something like a focus/experience value that goes up or down during the beginning of a player's turn depending on how many summons he has out in play?

Like for example you'll start with 0-5 and with each level one monster you manage to keep alive it'll go up the value goes up by 1+(X).
X being the amount of level ones out during the start of the turn.
Then once you reach 20+ you're able to play a level 2 summons but have to pay some of the value depending on how strong the level 2
Finally when you reach 30+ you can play your level 3's but once one the value goes down to 0 so you have to build your way back up to being able to summon another one.

As for being able to summon more than once during a turn that should have kind of extra cost the summoner can pay depending on what level of a monster he's going to summon.