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New to lackey and need help using plugin finder

Started by mallmaint, March 10, 2014, 12:07:09 AM

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Hello! Forgive me for seeming like a noob, but im having a problem finding the plugin finder. Is there a plugin finder finder lol? It is not in my preferences tab or plugin tab. I already used the updater and it said I am currently up to date. What am I doing wrong?


This current version of lackey requires you to manually input the URL in that white box as the plugin finder has yet to be re-implemented.

Which plugin were you looking for to download/update?


the plugin finder was removed, i had the same problem a moment ago,

you'll have to manually input the urls as magekirbys wrote

check the plugin section in the forums, you'll find a bunch of them, it's a bit chaotic atm i'll admit