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Yu-gi-oh plug-in?

Started by beank, February 09, 2015, 08:07:29 PM

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My brother got me started on yugioh and i found the plug in, but how out of date is it?

Im not seeing a lot of the cards he was telling me about...


It is very outdated, I do not recommend using it.

If you are interested in playing Yu-gi-oh I would recommend using DevPro (google is your friend) as it has automated rules which automatically solves rule disputes and is very handy for learning how to play.


Is that the same as YGOPRO?

On of my friends at my local card shop suggested it to me after telling them that I use lackey....


It's similar but i'd suggest ygopro. That's where i've been telling everyone who comes here asking for the plugin to go , either there or duelingnetwork.


What's the difference between YGOPro and DevPro?   :-\


They are both the same thing so dont get confused about it or rather dont get confused by their words