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Quote from: Snoogy on August 01, 2015, 12:01:37 AM
Omg!  :o  You're a father?  Since when?  And Congratulations!
Since 6/6/14
I've been really busy with my baby. I'll continue to code more when I have more time.
Hi. Glad you like the program.
You can just advance and turn back the turn until it says the right name. People don't use anything irl to keep track of who's turn it is so I just added it for people to use or not. You could also spawn a card to move around to show whos turn it is. And if I added a "set it to my turn" button it would complicate the interface which would be more harm than the minor benefit it would bestow, especially since you can accomplish the right player turn by advancing the turn buttons now.

The phase buttons are vertical if they fit vertically. Otherwise they are horizontal and some of the phase names are truncated. If you forced them to be vertical, some of them would be completely invisible. You can allocate more space for the phase buttons in a number of ways. Even if you just see one letter of the phase buttons when they are horizontal that should be enough to tell you which is which. I don't think forcing vertical (and making some off screen) would be an improvement.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Peer to Peer Games
July 04, 2015, 07:15:30 AM
Quote from: MasterJediAdam on July 04, 2015, 06:12:37 AM
So I have been trying to get this to work for some time now, but with no success. Can you walk me through the process? When I use the prompts I get an IP and a Port (something like 25710). Do I need to decide a port it that one is not working? Also, do I need to change a setting on my router to enable that functionality (like UDP)?
depending on your router settings and firewalls you may need to allow certain ports. Lackey requires both tcp and udp ports. How to enable connections is really specific to your particular networking setup so you need to google that. But lackey works the same way as many other networking programs so if you google a similar process for another networking program that should also work with lackey.

If you are not on the same lan, you can connect to the lackey server and do the test I lackey to see if you need to use the proxy server. That test will also reveal if you are able to host without the server at all, ie, if you're p2p network settings are correct.
I was cleaning the rug with a rug doctor and I had to remove everything out of the room, including the server
What is a name other than a way of identifying something? This is kind of a debate about semantics, but I want a person to be able to communicate the identity of a card by using its name. To identify a card, therefore card names must be unique to the card. If I switched to an ID method, then people couldn't import cards by their name alone, and that's worse than making each card name unique. Copying a deck list to a clipboard and hitting the paste button in the deck editor is a convenient way to load a deck.

There's many different ways to assert that all card names are unique.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Host via DDNS
June 24, 2015, 03:06:58 PM
ip address hosting works now.
The server will be down for a few hours today while I do computer maintenance.
Bug Report Forum / Re: Recent server outages
June 22, 2015, 05:37:37 AM
i just got some time off from work so I can investigate the server stability issues.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Android?
May 21, 2015, 08:41:32 AM
Quote from: alaird96 on February 03, 2015, 07:02:32 AM
If emulation would be a problem, I would be happy to donate towards a device for you to develop on.
Thats one of the main reasons I haven't ported it to android. I don't have one to test on.
I'm not sure about photo bucket, but they seem to be doing something weird and not a direct link to the file. when entered in my browser sends me to (which is a webpage instead of an image file).

Photo bucket might work with lackey, but lackey expects to get a proper URL to the image file.
That needs to be done manually. If people accidentally advance the turn, or click it twice, or want to take back a turn, things could get confusing if more than one thing was associated with advancing the turn than simply advancing the turn. It's easy enough to add a resource, and there's about 20 different ways to do it. But when you  try to have a computer do that automatically, it's more trouble than it's worth if it starts doing things people don't expect, and that's almost inevitable.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Peer to Peer Games
April 05, 2015, 07:24:29 AM
Yes. Have one person host a game and the other person connect to them with the host's LAN ip. No need to use the server tab at all.
This sounds like the sort of thing that would be done by making a starting state. Check a game plugin like chess playing cards that loads the starting state whenever a player selects new game.