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Feature Request: Load all Shared Zones

Started by Otep3210, April 03, 2015, 02:51:30 PM

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Could a function to load all Shared Zones be added into Lackey? Been making plugins used multiple shared zones that all need to be loaded individually. A button to load all the shared zones from a deck would be awesome.


This sounds like the sort of thing that would be done by making a starting state. Check a game plugin like chess playing cards that loads the starting state whenever a player selects new game.


Little different here though, trying to load about 5-7 different decks to different shared zones. There are different decks that can be loaded into each zone as well, but because of shared zones we are able to cut down the amount of decks with multiple shared zones to about 5-6 different decks, which get loaded depending on the game type so it isn't always the same each time. The game is DC Deck Building if you know about it at all.