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CardGeneralURLs refuse to download?

Started by ZatchBellGamer, May 20, 2015, 12:27:47 PM

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Hello, I've been troubleshooting for hours trying to get card images to appear when I download a plugin through updatelist.txt... Everything downloads flawlessly except for the card images.

I'm under the impression that CardGeneralURL does not require a checksum like everything else does. They should download automatically by the user once the mouse cursor hovers over the cards in deck editor. I've set this up as my path for the CardGeneralURLs of the updatelist.txt as the bottom two lines of the file.


I've seen many plugin makers use Photobucket albums for general card images before, and I'm certain that the spawned.jpg and cardback.jpg are the same dimensions as every card in that album. Once again, everything else in the updatelist.txt file downloads without fail, but card images are the only things that refuse to appear. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. :) Is there a file I need somewhere that specifies the folders that need to be created for the cards? I haven't found anything to suggest that it's needed, but I can't imagine what else could be wrong with the downloads.

It's also worth mentioning that when I click the "download all missing card images" button, an error comes up for the first three and then it just hangs indefinitely. So it's definitely something wrong with the album itself... But if works for that plugin, why in the world wouldn't work for mine?


I'm not sure about photo bucket, but they seem to be doing something weird and not a direct link to the file. when entered in my browser sends me to (which is a webpage instead of an image file).

Photo bucket might work with lackey, but lackey expects to get a proper URL to the image file.


That's extremely bizarre, it seems to be erratic... When I put into my browser, I get the same redirection sometimes, but other times it'll bring up the actual direct image file... I think it works if you open it in a new tab for some reason.

Photobucket seems unreliable ever since it updated to turn itself into more of a slideshow hosting site... Can you recommend any other ideal file hosting sites for general card URLs? I already know Dropbox won't work since it won't keep URLs consistent...