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I'm moving tomorrow (6/24/17), so the server will be down for a day.
The server will be down for a few hours today while I do computer maintenance.
I added a plugin installer wizard, which now appears in the box you see when you launch LackeyCCG for the first time. It's really simple, but it helps guide new users (who don't want to read or watch any other tutorials) on how to load a plugin. The button to launch the plugin installer wizard looks like this:

And the actual plugin installer looks simply like this:

I also added some buttons specifically for the iPad. When you are moving a card (such as to the table from your hand), while moving it, you will now see buttons that give you the option to drop the card flipped over, or rotated.

Similarly, while you are moving a card and the card is hovering over a zone tab, you will see the option to have the moving card be dropped on the bottom of that zone instead of the top (which is the default).
Something screwy is going on with the forum. I'm trying to investigate what the issue is.
Bug Report Forum / iPad LackeyCCG bug reports
August 19, 2014, 09:26:03 PM
Please post bugs specific to the iPad version of Lackey in this thread.
Normaliz.dll error fixed now, if you had that error, redownload.
Some plugin makers have not yet made autoupdate URLs for their plugins. It's fairly easy to do and it makes things easier for people to install and update your plugin. You can also have plugins automatically tell people when there's a new version. You can learn how to make one here:

If you need webspace, there's a number of free hosts you can use. Maybe some other folks know of better places. Dropbox is one? If anyone knows good places to host plugins, please tell of your experiences with them. You can also PM me about your plugin and I may be able to host it on

I'm waiting to make an official announcement, but LackeyCCG is in the app store now. ( And since you can't easily muck about the file directory on iPads like you can on desktop computers, the only way to install plugins to the iPad is to use autoupdate URLs. So if you're one of the folks with a plugin just zipped and uploaded somewhere, please consider taking a little time to make an autoupdate URL.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Deck cost feature
August 04, 2014, 07:00:20 PM
I didn't mention it anywhere, but if your plugin labels one of its card data columns starting with a "$", that column will be interpreted as a value. So if you list each card's value, the total value of the deck list will appear.

General Discussion Forum / iPad Screenshots
August 01, 2014, 03:00:04 PM
Here's some screenshots to show what the iPad version of LackeyCCG looks like:

I included the same scene with both landscape and portrait orientations. I find that I frequently switch between landscape and portrait because they frame things differently.

Note the iPad-specific buttons at the bottom of the screen that let you indicate how a touch is interpreted (like a left-click, middle-click, or right-click).
iPad version of LackeyCCG submitted to the app store today. I'm also deciding to stop referring to LackeyCCG as a beta. The July 31 is version 1.0. That doesn't mean I'm not going to keep updating it and adding new features and fixing bugs that are discovered. But I think it's been long enough and it's stable enough to be version 1.0.0.

A couple of new things in the July 31 version. One is a new way to edit a deck. While viewing cards tiled in the deck editor, right-click the top half of a card to increment that card, or the bottom half to decrement it.
I updated the video tutorials for LackeyCCG.

Please let me know if you learned anything, or are still confused about something. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / lolcats CCG
July 19, 2014, 12:33:35 PM
For the new LackeyCCG video tutorials I made the best CCG ever.
Anyone have an original CCG they want me to use in the tutorial videos?

If you have a LackeyCCG plugin with an autupdate URL, let me know if you'd like me to use your game in the tutorial videos I'm using.
Bug Report Forum / Does ignoring work?
May 08, 2014, 10:18:02 AM
I seem to recall people telling me a jerk would harass them and not leave their game, and if they were booted, they would come right back. That shouldn't be possible if you ignore them.

To ignore someone, you click on their name in the server player list and click the Ignore button.
Note that the HOST of the game controls who can join a game. So if you have someone ignored and you aren't hosting the game, that person may be able to join the game.

If people are still able to harass you (and keep joining your game) after you put them on ignore, please let me know the details and i will investigate.
UPDATE: If you can't connect, first make sure you have the latest version of LackeyCCG. One way to do this is to look at the build date that appears at the top of your running LackeyCCG, and compare it to the "Last updated" date at

If you try to connect to the LackeyCCG Server and it is offline, the best thing to do is IM Lykos4 on AIM. I will usually be able to get it back up in a few seconds.

The server is online about 99% of the time. If the server goes offline while you are in a game, remember that once you reconnect to your game you can restore your game because Lackey automatically saves the game at the end of each turn and phase.
And remember that if you connect to a regular game (not a proxy game), losing your connection to the server won't affect the game you are playing. This is one reason it is preferable to avoid proxy games if it is possible.

Also, if you IM me on AIM to tell me the server is down, and I fix it, please don't say thank you or any other follow up message. Some times I have about 20 IM windows popped up telling me it's down, and after I fix it I will reply with something like "fixed" and then close the AIM window. It can be annoying to have windows keep popping up thereafter. It's a good thing to report the server problem, but there is no need to thank me when I fix it.

If you can't connect to the server, the first thing you should do is go to and confirm that you are running the latest version. Don't assume because you updated recently, that you necessarily have the latest version. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I post a new Lackey the day after I post a new Lackey, so just check the page first.
Chris Vos ( was nice enough to redesign the LackeyCCG logo and app icon. The logo will be used on the main page ( as well as the launch screen on the iPad. The app icon will, obviously, be used as the application icons for the actual program.
The icon basic design will look like this:

The only thing left to decide is the font. We want the font of the logo to match the font of the "L" on the app icon. Please take a look at the following options and let me know which is your favorite with a vote in the forum poll. But ideally, I would also like you to add in a post to this thread what your top 5 choices of fonts are. Please do this like:
Quote1: B
2: G
3: F
4: D
5: M
for example, if your favorite was font B.

(Note that the red letters next to the logos are just labels and note part of the actual logos.)

When people record their top 5 preferences, I will be able to get a consensus of which the average person will most like.
There is a cool new store where you can play CCGs and board games while enjoying cafe food in Manhattan.
Check out the kickstarter if you live in the area.
In the new version of lackey today there is skype integration.
Prior to today, people occasionally used voice chat programs while using lackey. I have to say, voice chatting makes for a much better play experience. But people often didn't use voice chat programs because against most people, you'd always need to start off a game with "Do you voice chat? What program do you use? What's your contact info?" And because of that constant hassle, a lot of people didn't bother when they just wanted a quick game.

I think I've made an improvement by removing those questions. First, I've made one program the default choice for voice chatting. I chose skype for a number of reasons. It's free. You don't need servers like ventrillo or mumble. You can do multi-person conference chats, or even video chats if you choose. You can even call phone numbers (though I believe Skype charges for that ability). Skype is supported on a wide variety of platforms, and it is I believe the most popular voice chat system there is.

I have answered those other 2 questions (do you voice chat, and what's your contact info), in one fell swoop. All you need to do to configure your Lackey to be skype ready is to enter your skype user name in the Player Profile section of the preferences. If you put something there, you are automatically flagged as someone who uses skype to voice chat. And people will be able to prompt you to voice chat when you are connected to the server or a game.

In the server, you can click on a person's name in the player list, and you can start voice chatting with them.
In a game, you can left-click the phone icon next to a person's name and voice chat with them, or you can right-click to open a voice conference with everyone in the game if your game has more than 2 players. (In the miscellaneous section of the preferences, there is the option to include spectators in this or not. By default, spectators are NOT invited.) With multi-person conferences, if a new person comes, just close your old chat, and right-click the button again and start a new voice chat with all people.

Note that all your skype preferences are still in effect. If you ban someone with skype from contacting you, they can't contact you.

If a player doesn't have a skype user name set, they can still start voice conversations with people who do. (But they still need to have Skype and a skype account.)

On the server, there is a new column in the game list showing who has a game with voice chat supported. If you are looking for a game with voice chat support, this will help you pick which game to join.

Regarding the interface, I am considering a few options and I welcome feedback. I am not sure if, for people who don't have a skype name entered, if I should show the voice chat button disabled for them (gray), or if I should just have it be invisible. The good thing about having it invisible for someone like that is it cleans up the interface a bit. But the good thing about showing it gray and disabled is that it alerts people of the new feature and explicitly shows that this person does not have voice chat enabled. I figured I'd have it show disabled for now, at least while people get introduced to the new feature.

A quick note: Make sure you have the 3 new image files:
They are included in the download of lackey (
I'm looking for some copyright-free, royalty-free images of zombies so I can include them as part of a sample plugin. But all the internet searches I try lead me to sites that are annoyingly NOT copyright-free and royalty-free. If anyone could find some images like this, or know of a site that actually has images that are completely free to use, please let me know.