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I added a plugin installer wizard, which now appears in the box you see when you launch LackeyCCG for the first time. It's really simple, but it helps guide new users (who don't want to read or watch any other tutorials) on how to load a plugin. The button to launch the plugin installer wizard looks like this:

And the actual plugin installer looks simply like this:

I also added some buttons specifically for the iPad. When you are moving a card (such as to the table from your hand), while moving it, you will now see buttons that give you the option to drop the card flipped over, or rotated.

Similarly, while you are moving a card and the card is hovering over a zone tab, you will see the option to have the moving card be dropped on the bottom of that zone instead of the top (which is the default).
The plugin creation tutorial can seem overwhelming only because there's so much you CAN do, but plugins don't need to do all of those things.
Make a blank plugininfo.txt file (black except for the stop and stop tags) and include a cardback.jpg (and a spawned.jpg for any missing card images). Then include the card data file (which is tab delimitted text that you can edit with a spreadsheet program. Read over the plugin creation tutorial and if a section doesn't seem important to your needs, skip it.
Quote from: valiante on October 02, 2014, 11:20:23 AM
Ok, and the decks? Can I send it somehow to the ipad or I have to build a new one?

Can you make a button to the deck editor to select all the cards please? It could be a very big help to move more cards at the same time into a deck. (It could be very nice in the PC version also)

About the updatelist.txt. I sept 3 days to make one for my plugin ( with dropbox and photobucket) and no way to make it. I have the updatelist checksum correctly but even that I have a time our error when I try to connect to ipad. Can you please make a little bit more detailed the error message? I look for the error blindly....

Last question, what I asked long ago if you could please make the stack system, like cards stack on the table and no way to select them with a single click and later ( for example with shift ) you can select it again?

Thank you
I'm working on a feature that stores your decks online, but it isn't done yet and I don't know when I will have it finished. Until then, decks are stored locally BUT there is a cool thing you can do to import a deck. In the deck editor, load the deck on the computer/iPad where the deck is, hit the COPY button, and then paste what was copied to your clipboard to some place else that you can access from the lackey on the other computer/ipad where the deck isn't. This could be an email, a forum post, a txt file you can open in another program or whatever. Then, once you have that copied text in your clipboard, hit the PASTE button in the deck editor to import it. Alternatively, you can save the deck file online somewhere you can access. And copy the URL of the deck to your clipboard. The PASTE button will also import a URL of a deck as well as the contents of the deck.

I'm not sure what you mean by selecting all the cards. For what purpose? Are you talking about the deck list or the library of all cards? If you're trying to remove all the cards, you can use the New Deck button. I don't know how helpful a select all button would be, and I don't want to clutter the interface with things that don't add enough to warrant the complexity they add. Are you aware of the many other ways to add cards? Did you watch the video tutorial on the deck editor?

I don't know exactly which websites work with hosting files for plugins. It depends how the particular server handles file requests. Lackey expects to be able to use a URL and get the file linked there, and some sites put a bit of a wall between entering the URL and getting the file. Updatelist.txt URLs work the same on mac, windows, and iPad. If you are encountering an error that appears to be unique to the iPad, the only thing I can think might make it seem that way is if your iPad is full. If you try to download a new file with no space, that might cause an error.

I implemented a stack system, but after getting some feedback with beta testers we agreed that the complexity it added wasn't worth it. So many different plugins would want stacks to work in different ways, and it also varies from instance to instance and person to person even within the same plugin. And when things don't work how you want/expect them to work, its actually worse than not having it at all.

btw, this is a bit off topic to this thread. This topic is about the iPad version of lackey, and if you have general questions, please make a forum topic in the appropriate place. For help with plugins, use the plugin forum. For suggestions for a new feature, or a question about how to do something, use general topic.
Quote from: valiante on October 01, 2014, 09:09:22 AM
Hi, now I have the app on my ipad and works well.  Great job.

Question. Where does the ipad save the decks and the game saves? Can i open game what I saved on my pc? Where to put the file?

Thank you.
The game save files can't be shared on the iPad.
I would not advise using /updateallimages unless the plugin doesn't have a lot of cards. If your iPad gets completely filled (HD space), as might be the case if you downloaded a plugin with many thousands of high res card images, some things can get deleted. I'm working on a more intelligent way to delete things dynamically so this issue doesn't occur.
Quote from: valiante on September 28, 2014, 10:08:52 AM

Is is possible to add plugins manually? For example with a dropbox connection?

All plugins should have an autoupdate URL to install plugins with. It's easy to make one and it allows you to do a lot of useful things, like have the plugin automatically update. The iPad doesn't allow you to manually install things, so it needs the autoupdate URL.

I believe autoupdate urls work with Dropbox.
Quote from: alyssonlago on September 27, 2014, 06:38:38 PM
Yeah I noticed this button, but the only option available while I'm dragging the card is to flip it sideways.
those plugins need to be updated. If a card should be able to be flipped, the plugininfo should define a flip function. Iirc, the flip button doesn't appear unless a plugin has one. I didn't want to have the button show when a plugin was loaded that didn't flip over cards.
Hopefully, tragic will make the small tweak to that plugin that allows cards to be flipped.
It sounds like the simplest and easiest way to reveal the card is to drag it to the table. If you need to do it randomly, double click the tab for the zone and there is an option to do that.

If you need to reveal it to only one player, you could put it into their hand and then they could give it back. There's about 20 different ways to do this, but I think it's simplest to just drag to table.
Quote from: alyssonlago on September 26, 2014, 09:34:43 PM
Trevor, are you still planning to implement a ctrl button to the ipad version?
Without it, it's not feasible playing with LotR LCG plugin by Tragic. Thanks
I haven't yet posted about version 1.0.2, but there are context dependent buttons now. While dragging a card, you can hold a button to drop it turn sideways, or played face down.
As far as I'm aware, there is no need for any control button.
Also, while moving a card over a zone tab, there is a button that let's you drop the card to the bottom of the zone instead of the top.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Totally Lost...
September 26, 2014, 11:56:21 AM
It depends a lot on the plugin. Some can be loaded simply with the Load to you button. Some require you load a deck to a specific zone, like a shared zone. There is a plus button that toggles more options.
Quote from: Trevor on September 24, 2014, 01:57:18 PM
I am working on this and I think I will have a fix ready to post later today.
I think I fixed it. Please confirm.
I am working on this and I think I will have a fix ready to post later today.
If you launch lackey and then don't touch the mouse or keyboard at all, does it crash?
I think there might be an issue with the passive mouse over function (which is what runs when you move the cursor over something without clicking anything).
Could someone please test if the crash happens when you move the cursor over a particular type of object?

Can someone please message me on Skype (trevoragnitti) so I can troubleshoot this?
Quote from: Bartuks on September 15, 2014, 01:39:38 AM
I am eagerly checking App Store every morning ... No luck yet.. :(
Its out.
Something screwy is going on with the forum. I'm trying to investigate what the issue is.