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A Game of Thrones LCG

Started by Madmartigan, February 22, 2010, 07:32:32 PM

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Code Money

I updated to the latest pack. If someone has a place for me to load them, I can share with the rest of the community.


Love it  ;D.

You can always upload it on megaupload.

You don't even need  to have account to upload things to 1 giga i think.

Code Money

Thanks for the storage info WindSower.

Here is the link for the complete A Game of Thrones cards sets to date.

Thank me later. LoL.

Bob the Builder

ok.. just curious. but whats the difference between the lcg and the ccg. my plugin is the ccg. and is anyone working on updating the ccg

Code Money

The CCG is the original. The LCG is the latest iteration of the card game environment.


It works !!!!

Thanks !!!

You saved me lot of work.

Finally we have playable and updated Game of Throne plugin.

Code Money

Yessir, I'm thinking I should probably just maintain it since no one else has time or the inclination. That and Cthulhu & Netrunner & Battlestar Galactica. Trevor?? You still have those Battlestar files?


Hi there! First of all thank you for your hard work, now that I am living far from home I can play with my friends one of our favourite card games.

Have you updated the last two chapters("Of Snakes and Sand" and "Dreadfort Bretrayal")? Is just the autoupdater does not seem to work. If I can help in any way just let me kno

Thanks ;)


Just wondering if anyone would be interested in the CCG version of AGOT. AGOT CCG is what me and my friends played the most and we stopped playing around the end of A House of Thorns/Talons. My plan is to code up a plug-in and get this ball rolling again, so like i said...wondering if another else is interested. also if anyone has some advice in making the plugin?


Dunno ifyou're still interested but i have AgoT CCG plugin somewhere - i'll upload it sometime later and post a link.  :) (Anyhow - i think LCG is better by a whisker)


I finished one just about a week ago, seems to be working great. Thanks for offering tho :D


anyone that has the updated plugin would care to post it somewhere, since Megaupload is pretty much banned from the web by FBI?


It would be cool if this was re-posted somewhere. If you have a working copy please upload it somewhere.


Quote from: r0cknes on January 30, 2012, 10:26:33 AM
It would be cool if this was re-posted somewhere. If you have a working copy please upload it somewhere.

I second that ^


Yep, looks like Agot lc plugin is no longer accessible via inbuild Plugin updater.
updatelist.txt on dropbox no longer exist.

Have anyone backup for this plugin?