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A Game of Thrones LCG

Started by Madmartigan, February 22, 2010, 07:32:32 PM

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Dear LackeyCCG users,

It is an honour and a privilege to announce to the whole community the birth of the newest Lackey plugin : A Game of Thrones LCG. After one long week of frantic typing (and running nose), baby AGOT opened his eyes at approximately 21:30 (Paris time) tonight. His first words followed quickly. Those were :

"WHAT THE F%?? ?! Where's my house card ?"

Yes there are still a few problems yet, but the plugin works and all cards are documented in the deck editor, so it seems ok to release it for everyone to use. :)

28/02/2010 NEW PLUGIN :

Warning : I STRONGLY recommend that you export all your personal .dek in a .txt format as backup, so that you have a reference list. If a card in a deck has a different name from the one in the new setinfo (several names were changed from the previous version), it will NOT be displayed when you load the new deck. I suggest you keep .txt versions (or any other form of text file) of all your decks at all time, just in case something changes. Starter Decks from Core Set should be fine as I already took care of them.

List of changes :

  • Corrected a few typos in setinfo.txt
  • Changed names of cards with different versions so that they all have a distinctive name in the setinfo.txt . Now every card that has another version features the abridged name of the set in between parenthesis next to it's name. All Titles have "(Title)" next to their name. As there are two identical Carrion Bird cards from the same set, the second one now has a "'(2)" next to his name. This should take care of the "version bug". If you find a card that has been forgotten, please PM me.
  • Added an alpha version of the updatelist.txt that I intend to use for the plugin. Checksums are wrong and URLs a fantasy as none of them exists. I would have to ask Trevor if he agrees to host the files before using those. If someone could check what I have done and tell me if he thinks this would be sufficient (once it has checksums and that the files are uploaded properly of course), that would be great.

Here it comes !

Link 1 : 2shared link

(The download link is that veeeeery small "click here" in the lower right corner.)

Alternative link : Megaupload link

Special thanks for Aardvark who provided the setlist file and for Sheepdog for the image files. You guys rock ! :D

The plugin will be released with auto-update feature later on, probably with a few fixes.

Now : a word about what is in that plugin. This is an AGOT "LCG only" plugin (LCG meaning Living Card Game). This does NOT include any card from the AGOT CCG game, except for reprints of course. If anyone is interested into creating an AGOT CCG or CCG + LCG plugin, please feel free to use those files to develop your own, but I won't add anything from the CCG to this one.

Right now the plugin has 4 different sets of cards and 5 playable houses out of 6 (please note that although I added all 4 starter decks from core set, there is no Greyjoy starter deck per se... Kings of the Sea contains basic cards needed to create a Greyjoy deck but is not viable as a deck by itself)  :
  • AGOT Core Set
  • A Time of Raven Expansion
  • A Clash of Arm Expansion
  • Kings of the Sea Expansion

We still need (including expansions announced but not yet released) :
  • King's Landing Expansion
  • Princes of the Sun Expansion
  • Defenders of the North Expansion
  • Lords of Winter Expansion

Now about plugin updates. I can (probably) maintain the plugin. Maybe even keep my girlfriend and not get evicted from my apartment AND still update it. But I can't do everything. Especially I can't scan new cards. The reason is simple : I'm French and I don't think many people around here would be interested by scans of French cards. Besides I'm one hell of a lazy f*ck, and scanning cards is long and hard (Like something else, but I can't speak about it in a polite conversation. Let's just say that mine is puny and flaccid). Better to have someone else do it for me (and not do me for it... I'm not that kind of girl...). So hurry up people ! I need your help ! NO, not to make dirty things in your mom's basement you pig ! To improve the plugin ! Did you even listened to what I said ?!

Here is a (totally arbitrary) list of priority as to what needs to be done :

"Super Top" priority :

  • Get new cards (see list above).
  • Fix House & Agenda superzone bug [need help].

"Somewhat Medium" priority :

  • Package plugin for auto-download [help would be appreciated].
  • Check setinfo.txt file for small mistakes.
  • Fix chat messages bug (possibly caused directly by Lackey ?).

"Sissy Low" priority :
  • Implement a few non-critical suggestions for improvement.
  • Find even better quality of image cards for all sets. Although those are quite good, framing is a little off. This is not important for the game itself, but less than pleasing aesthetically speaking.

"Kiss my *ss" priority a.k.a. "Do It Yourself" priority :
  • Create a low or a high quality plugin.

A (not so) kind word of advice on how to play the game :

  • Full rules of the game and the latest FAQ are available online on FFG's website. At first glance, that FAQ might seem overkill, but it can save you a lot of quarrelling and is really well structured : it's a must have ! Read or die !
  • Erratas are included in the setinfo file. They are signalled by the ERRATA term at the end of the text section of the card, followed by the edition of the FAQ in which this issue was addressed. Banned card are signalled by the word BANNED, same section same emplacement. Both of those are in between "[ ]". However the card images were NOT altered. Please read the FAQ : the complete list of card clarifications and rectifications is currently less than 15 entries long.
  • Remember that flipping card is possible not only on the game board but also with your hand and your plot deck. But unlike real life where flipping the cards that constitute your hands makes you a Doofus, this plugin is configured so that only YOU may see what's in your hand, even if it's flipped. So don't forget to flip your start up cards and your upcoming plot before putting them on the game board, and wait that everyone has agreed that he is ready before showing them (or don't, it's your call... Keep on rockin' Doofus ! Woohoo ! :P ).
  • Flipping cards in your deck is not possible. Instead, if you need to search through a deck there are two buttons entitled "hidden/shown to owner" and "hidden/shown to other" on the bottom right corner. Make sure you are on the correct tab of your right side menu before using them, and don't forget to switch them back (and shuffle several time if appropriate) after you are finished.
  • Picking up cards (or sending them to the top of their discard pile, for example) from your opponent hand is possible ! Use the arrows next to your name on the right or lower side to change view and select the correct tab. Just don't forget to give some time to your opponent so he can shuffle his hand (via a right click on the tab).
  • Do not use the turn counter, use only the phase counter. In AGOT LCG, each player resolves his part of the phase simultaneously or one after another before switching to the next phase. Lackey automatically reset your phase counter when you use your turn counter. To help keep tabs on "who plays when" I suggest using the "next player" text message and custom notes on blank cards (accessible via right click menu) for the order of turn. I won't put an initiative counter next to the gold and power ones because it would make no sense : having the most initiative allows you to CHOOSE who plays first, it does not MAKE you play first.
  • Every deck you create should have ALL 12 titles (6 from Core Set and 6 from Kings of the Sea) in it's title superzone, so that you may use them as you please if you were to use it in melee. If Trevor ever changes the program so that we can spawn more than one type of blank card, I'll modify the plugin but at that time, it seems to be the only solution.
  • AGOT LCG is the kind of game that requires that you use tokens. LOTS of tokens. MOTHER FREAKIN' BILLIONS OF TOKENS. Often there's so many of them you can't even see your cards underneath all those piles of brightly coloured tokens. Now you know the truth son. No one plays poker. They all play AGOT LCG. Joking apart : I made the choice to include colour coded tokens for several very common changes that occurs on cards. This poses some problems. First there is no "remove token" command except "clear all tokens" (works for custom notes too by the way), because the right click menu would have been far too long. "Listening to Celine Dion CDs in a retirement home" too long. The other problem is with the "power icon" tokens (blue : necessary in conjunction with the red and green token to quickly identify in what challenges a card may partake) and the "power" tokens (indigo : those help you to win). I could have used a single colour for all challenge icon tokens. But then no "quick identification". I could have used another colour for power tokens, like yellow. But let's face it : IRL power tokens are mainly blue (with a little crown on them). If I see a yellow token in Lackey, I'm just going to be very very disappointed. It would be like going to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and realising that tonight's movie consists of five hours of lousy French mime. The only good kind of French mime is a dead French mime. Hence : power tokens must be somewhat blue. Or close enough. Besides I hate yellow (I already hate myself for using orange tokens for keywords so don't push me too far : you won't like me when I'm angry... GRRR ! MAD SMASH !  >:( ). I realise the arbitrary choices I made are not colour-blind friendly. But then again I don't think many other plugins are. If you are colour blind and have an have a good idea of how tokens should be organised, send me a PM. If your are not at least both : GET B*NT ! ... Just kidding, send a PM too if you want. ;D
  • At the moment, the House & Agenda superzone seems to have a problem : it does not keep cards you may have put in it when you saved your deck. I will submit this to Trevor and ask for help, but can't promise anything soon. Until then I suppose you can put House and Agenda cards in your plot superzone if you need them.

This topic will now be dedicated to this specific plugin and this post updated to reflect those news.

Enjoy the game.

It's the only one that matters.  8)

Come Madcat ! Now that I've taken care of the plugin, we can finally get rid of that pesky inspector Gadget ! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !
*Meoooooooooow !*

PS : If you can read this, you don't need glasses.


Thanks for the plugin - you made my day man  :)

For few next weeks i'm very short on time but if you need some help with typing/updateing let me know. I'd be glad to help a bit.



Update : notification of a new major bug affecting the plugin (cf. Bug Report thread for more details : ). Plugin with update file delayed until this issue has been somewhat resolved (as usual, help would be welcome).


Ok : just corrected the "version bug" (cf. above). Thanks to aardvark for his answer.


thanks for your plugin..haven't heard anything in awhile..any updates planned? I know a bunch of people who have dled this. Thanks again.


Hey,  thanks for making this!  Its sweet!  Anyway... noticed something... the card Shivering Sea is under the Events card type and not the Locations card type.  Dont know if that matters or not but figured I would let you know.



@ thegame => Just had your PM :thanks again for your message. :)

Just as I said to thegame : Yes, I'm still there but I'm also very busy (Final exams ! All work and no sleep makes Mad a dull boy...) so I don't check the forums often : feel free to send me a PM if I'm not responsive enough. :)
I intend to keep maintaining the plugin but if anyone want to give a spin at the whole "automatized update" thingy or has a solution to the superzone bug, by all means, please do ! I'm no programmer so getting technical is not my thing at all.

@ adlucia => Good one adelucia ! That's what happens when you type 500 card texts in an excel file in only two days. I'll try and fix this as soon as I get some free time. I'll also improve the banned/modified readings (I intend to put the little signs on front of the text rather than in the end, so that you may easily know if a card has been errated or banned while creating a deck, rather than have the FAQ pdf open all the time to check if there's a problem) and update them to last FAQ while I'm at it.

But we need new card sets to REALLY improve the plugin ! Come on people !

[zombie mod on/]I want your CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARDS ![zombie mod off/]


yeah. we need someone who can program to help with the auto update. I can't find a gatherer type website with the scans. I mean I have the cards but no actual scanner. Anyone know where we can get some scans of the cards?


Quote from: thegame on May 11, 2010, 08:48:43 PM
yeah. we need someone who can program to help with the auto update. I can't find a gatherer type website with the scans. I mean I have the cards but no actual scanner. Anyone know where we can get some scans of the cards?
No programming is required. To update a plugin, all you need to do is get the card data in the spreadsheet, and get the card image files. As far as creating the actual updatelist.txt, that's very easy to create/update and I can help with that.


Hi, one year ago I made a complete Lackey AGOT plugin updated to Raven. Since I passed to OCTGN2 platform I abandoned Lackey project. If you need all information about cards, card scan etc I link you the page I have into FFG official forum so you can extract cards scan and maybe card info. hope it helps. I update files monthly with new releases.

hope it helps


Any word on an update or putting this on up on an autoupdate server? AGOT LCG is great - too bad almost everyone use OCGN.


Two links and both contains all cards from games of thrones.I hope it help and someday we can be as lucky as OCTGN users.

I can tell that this version is pretty playable and only one thing that it miss is cards  ;D.


I'm updating the plugin myself for past few days - i hope to have finished inputting The Princes of the Sun sometime today/tomorrow so we'll have playable Martell on the weekend. I'll post it here as soon as it's finished :)

I plan to add the chapter packs later but all the typing is killing me.


Great to hear that.

I am very very busy right now but if I find some time maybe I update some chapter packs.

I started working on Lords of Winter expansion.