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Magic: The Gathering Plugin Updates

Started by CrazyChucky, January 23, 2020, 09:06:02 PM

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Full Fallout set added, and new SLD cards.


Full set for Outlaws of Thunder Junction is here, yeehaw! Note: tokens haven't been spoiled yet.

Will add the associated Commander set and The Big Score and such once they're fully spoiled.

Also, as of Murders at Markov Manor, booster packs are different now and include cards from several different set codes, including Special Guests... I need to fiddle with things to implement them correctly. For the moment, both MKM and OTJ have "normal" draft boosters in Lackey.


Added Breaking News, The Big Score, and what's spoiled so far of Modern Horizons 3.

The new booster pack structure still needs more fiddling.