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Magic: The Gathering Plugin Updates

Started by CrazyChucky, January 23, 2020, 09:06:02 PM

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Inspired by ransomman's Marvel Champions topic, I've decided to make one master thread for Magic updates, instead of starting a new topic every time I add something. I'll post new updates as replies here, as well as edit this first post with the current release.

Magic plugin update URL:

Instructions for installing LackeyCCG and plugins:

Gallery of all custom tokens available in the plugin:

For questions, bugs, or requests, feel free to either reply here or start a new topic, whichever suits your fancy.

Latest Update:

  • Cephalids are Octopuses now, apparently! Makes sense.

  • It's always cool when Wizards prints a token that's never existed in paper before — and it means I can remove it from the plugin's custom tokens! I apparently missed some recently, but we now have official versions for:
  • But it's not all removals! I also noticed that Gruff Triplets and Skitterbeam Battalion were only generating generic copy tokens. Now they make custom dudes!

    Skitterbeam Battalion was inconvenient, as its prototype ability meant that I need to have two custom Lackey tokens, and under the current naming scheme, they would both be named "[lackey] Skitterbeam Battalion (Copy)". We all know how well Lackey handles duplicates in the same set. I went ahead and renamed all copy tokens to be more in line with other, "normal" tokens — so for instance, these two are  "[lackey] Skitterbeam Battalion (4/4 Trample, Haste) (Copy)" and "[lackey] Skitterbeam Battalion (R 2/2 Trample, Haste) (Copy)".

    Just look at these lil' fellas. They make me happy. ^_^



The most visible change is the addition of the tokens from Theros Beyond Death, but there are a number of other changes:

  • Scripts now say "create" instead of "spawn". Only took me three years to notice I could include Wizards' new templating!
  • Some cards, like Increasing Devotion, can create two distinct numbers of tokens. ("Create five 1/1 white Human creature tokens. If this spell was cast from a graveyard, create ten of those tokens instead.") These cards were only getting a script for the first number; they should now have both.
  • Jace, Cunning Castaway didn't have a clone token, or a script to create it! Fixed, though the image is a subpar placeholder that I'll improve later.
  • Mana costs for cards are now written with their brackets, i.e. {5}{G}{G} instead of 5GG. This makes Phyrexian and hybrid costs legible.
  • Loyalty is now a data column for cards. Doesn't really make any sense for it not to be.


you should make a dedicated mtg lacky plugin site. post all updates there.


It's on my to-do list, in the "eventually" section. XD


The new holiday card, Decorated Knight, doesn't seem to have an image.

Also, I'm just curious if you are going to add the weird 'playtest' cards. If you don't think they are worth the effort for something very few people will bother with, I def understand, but I was just wondering.


Good catch! The image is uploaded now.

Since the playtest cards aren't intended for constructed use outside of drafting the Mystery Boosters, I figured I wouldn't worry about them until enough information is available to accurately simulate the booster pack.



Unsanctioned has been added. We finally have an official Giant Teddy Bear token, woohoo!



I did an overhaul of the templating system I use for my custom tokens—that is, all tokens that cards can create, but that have never been printed. There are a lot of small improvements, but the most visible is that self-copiers are now fully rendered from templates, rather than merely an overlay over existing cards. This makes them much more visually consistent. Check these out!

With one exception: Jace, Cunning Castaway is literally the only token planeswalker ever, so I did a custom Photoshop job for that:

I also selected some more appropriate art for a few tokens, including this little gem. Did you know they got Stephen Tappin to illustrate a Pincher token to go with his art for Summoning Station, but it was only ever used on MTGO? Now you're free to use it in Lackey.

To see all 110 custom tokens, complete with which cards create them (mouse over for a hover image, or click to view on Scryfall), check out the gallery page.

And lastly, we're now up to date with the latest Oracle text updates.



Some cards in Theros Beyond Death had incorrect image file numbers and weren't displaying properly. They should work correctly now.



Theros Beyond Death now has its full-art basic lands instead of the regular ones.

I found several more MTGO pieces of artwork for tokens, and this excellent custom Pest artwork by Dominik Mayer.

Also, the Beleren font on real Magic cards uses special glyphs for lowercase "f", "h", "m", and "n" when they end a word, but the version of Beleren available online doesn't do this. I did some custom hacking to fix it.

(Gallery of all custom Lackey tokens)



Theros Beyond Death is now high-res.



Oops! Somehow I forgot to add THB to Standard. Fixed now.



  • Added ETB counters for:

    • Modular
    • Graft
    • Vanishing
    • Fading
    • Sagas
  • Added right-clickable scripts to add counters for:

    • Renown
    • Bloodthirst
    • Tribue
    • Fabricate
  • Added script to Jace, Cunning Castaway to correctly create Illusion token



Unsanctioned is now high-res!

Blastoise Factory

Hi, I recently had to remove lackey (and plugins) and ran into an issue because one of the files in the magic plugin is named "con". It was in the set images folder, I think it was either inside or next to the "cfx" folder. Could you please rename this file, as the Windows operating system refuses to delete files named "con" by normal means (I had to use the command prompt). Thank you!