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Magic: The Gathering Plugin Updates

Started by CrazyChucky, January 23, 2020, 09:06:02 PM

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Yeah, I haven't been feeling it either. I still don't like Universes Beyond, especially Warhammer grimdark, and I don't like Phyrexia either and that's all the products right not pretty much.  :'(


A bunch of things in this update.

Newly added sets
  • The Brothers' War (BRO)
    • The Brothers' War Commander (BRC)
    • The Brothers' War Retro Artifacts (BRR), including the schematic versions
    • Transformers (BRO)
    • BRO draft boosters correctly contain one (or sometimes two) BRR retro artifacts.
  • Unfinity (UNF)
    • Packs always contain two Attractions.
    • For now, I've titled the extra versions of Attractions the same as I did with variants from Unstable: for instance, Balloon Stand, Balloon Stand (b), etc. I might decide to change this, depending on how deckbuilding sites like TappedOut decide to output the various versions, in order to make importing easier.
    • For now, Goblin Cruciverbalist and D00-DL, Caricaturist don't have scripts to spawn anything. I might make some custom tokens for them.

Sets with new hi-res images
  • Streets of New Capenna (SNC)

  • Cards that generated some predefined tokens (such as Walkers and Powerstones) weren't getting their scripts. This has been fixed.
  • SO MANY new Secret Lair cards, geez.

With so many things add, I'd honestly be surprised if I haven't missed something. As always, please let me know if you find missing images or other errors.


Thanks for updating!

Error Downloading Image for I think all 1snc and 2snc cards, as well as snc 276 and 278 and 2clb 931-934.


Thanks! Reuploaded the images for SNC and CLB.


Hey there! First just wanted to say: Thank you so much for all your hard work over these years! Lackey and your MTG plugin have been an amazing catalyst for me and my fellow broke friends to not only keep playing magic, but through that keep fostering our friendship during times when actually meeting up become more and more difficult.

Please don't take this as entitled whining as I completely understand this isn't your job, and even if you stopped updating this right now it's still an invaluable tool, but we were wondering if there's an ETA on when the new jumpstart set is going to be added, as there are a bunch of new cards we want to test and experiment with in that set  ;D


Hey there! I'm always happy to hear about people using and enjoying the plugin. I'm really glad it's helped you stay connected with your friends.

And that's not whiny at all! I have not been super feeling Magic lately, but I have no plans to stop updating the plugin. I may or may not get around to uploading Jumpstart before All Will Be One comes out, but at latest, I'll upload it at the same time when that's spoiled.


Awesome! And totally understandable. Well thanks again, and hope you're having a good weekend!


Okay, got a pretty massive update here.

New Sets
  • Phyrexia: All Will Be One
  • Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commander
  • Jumpstart 2022

Sets with new cards added
  • Secret Lair Drop
  • Universes Within
  • Happy Holidays

Sets with new high-res images (except for tokens, oddly enough)
  • Dominaria United
  • Dominaria United Commander
  • Brothers' War
  • Brothers' War Commander
  • Brothers' War Retro Artifacts
  • New Capenna Commander
  • Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate
  • Warhammer 40K
  • Unfinity
  • Game Night: Free for All
  • Double Masters 2022


Added tokens and high-res images for All Will Be One and All Will Be One Commander. Also, new Secret Lair cards (as always).


Hi @CrazyChucky, I have created a pack definition xml for jumpstart 2022 packs if you want to include it I've put it in this paste bin:


Thanks Sadi. Two concerns... One is that choosing your color ahead of time kind of defeats a lot of the purpose, doesn't it? Second is that a lot of those chance probabilities don't add up.

The reason I've not added packs for either of the two Jumpstart sets is that to do it properly would require far more chances, with far more granular probabilities, than Lackey supports.


Oh you are correct, it should just be random pack of any color!
As for the chance probability I tried making it adds up to 100 but it didnt seem to behave as intended.

Good to know about the limitation of Lackey


Yeah, unfortunately Lackey only supports integer probabilities. For instance, you can have 5%, but not 4.5%. Since no probability can be smaller than %1, the most chances you can ever have in a pack is 100, and that's only if they're all of equal probability. It's a big limit on what can be simulated.