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Magic: The Gathering Plugin Updates

Started by CrazyChucky, January 23, 2020, 09:06:02 PM

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OK OK, I was wrong, for some reason lackey was automatically filtering by "standard" but if I changed the filter to "any" they show up.

Sorry for any confusion and thanks again!


Glad you got it sorted!

Re: Unquenchable Fury. Man, that's an odd situation. Yeah, I guess I'll change the title of the one from Battle the Horde.


Another little thing I noticed: Snow Covered Lands don't have a sound.


Good catch!


  • Streets of New Capenna added (except for tokens)
  • New Capenna Commander partial spoiler added
  • Crimson Vow alternate prints are now high-res
  • Snow basic lands now make the proper sounds
  • The Unquenchable Fury in Battle the Horde has been retitled (and changed in the decklist, as well) so as not to conflict with the newer card from Neon Dynasty Commander
  • I've changed how multiple prints of the same card in Secret Lair Drop are titled. From here on out, they should stay consistent—no more shifting about when new prints come out at lower collector numbers.
    The first print of a card (chronologically) has just its title; any subsequent prints have their number added in parentheses.


Can you add the rest of the Commander cards?


My bad, I forgot.


  • Added the rest of New Capenna Commander
  • New Capenna: added tokens and borderless alternate prints



Error Downloading Image for Secret Lair 388, 668, 702, 590, 593, 450, and 1005-1011.

(There's already been 1000 Secret Lair cards???)


Hmm, try it now?

Apparently there are 566 so far. The collector numbers are all over the place; sometimes not even the cards within each mini-"set" are numbered contiguously together. It's part of what makes it such a pain in the butt to keep up with.


Oops, I made a mistake before, the one error left is 450 Gala Greeters from 1snc, not secret lair. The rest work now!

Strange on the numbering. I guess they know what they are doing internally, but sure looks bizarre to have nearly double the collector number as actual cards.


Odd, I'm not sure how the rest of the set uploaded without that one. Fixed now. Thanks for looking out!

And yeah, Secret Lair is weird. It's the only set that's never finished, but rather keeps getting incremental updates. And since my updating system predates it, I didn't build it with that in mind, so it handles that aspect... suboptimally. Hasn't bugged me quite enough to improve it just yet, though.  ;)



I've added what's spoiled so far of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate.


So the wife and I have been playing a custom game were we give ourselves a booster box (from my custom pack defs) for the Unlimited Block of cards and I receive a "Traveling Party" card that no other MTG website says exist so, I'm wondering where did this card come from? Line 19 of premodern-core-sets.txt
QuoteTraveling Party   alpha   new-dawn/traveling-party   lea   W   W   {W}{W}   2   Enchantment            R      enchantment      White creatures get +1/+1.

Is this card legit?


Ah, the conversation and announcement about that got eaten in the forum crash/reset. Wizards banned several cards for racial and cultural reasons a while back, most notably the infamous Invoke Prejudice. In order to let Old School players play the cards mechanically without the problematic depictions, an Old School group called the Northern Paladins made mechanically-identical, but re-flavored, versions of the cards:

  • Jihad -> Common Foe
  • Stone-Throwing Devils -> Dancing Rats
  • Cleanse -> Desiccation
  • Pradesh Gypsies -> Eiriene of Spring
  • Imprison -> Malaise
  • Invoke Prejudice -> Psionic Symmetry
  • Crusade -> Traveling Party

I could have just removed the cards outright, but I figured it would be neat to replace them with these "New Dawn" versions instead.


Are the old school card pictures still available on scryfall or somewhere so I can have my version like the original?  Political correctness ruins everything and we don't want that forced on us by WotC.


Oh, FFS. Even if you think WotC was a little overzealous-at the very least Invoke Prejudice and the literal ethnic slur had to go, some of the others are perhaps debatable I guess, CC puts in a ton of work to maintain this for us, and we should respect that he's going along with Wizards and even added in the new versions. Also, you probably do still have the images in your LackeyCCG folder, and can go into the text files and reassign back to them. I don't feel like explaining how, and you'd have to redo it every update, but if you really insist on playing with an ethnic slur, I think you can.

Anyway, Error Downloading Image on 1sld 1015 and 1018.