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Magic: The Gathering Plugin Updates

Started by CrazyChucky, January 23, 2020, 09:06:02 PM

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Time Spiral Remastered (and Zendikar Rising Expeditions) are added.

P.S. This update introduced a bug that could cause draft packs to include basic lands in common slots. I've fixed it, and forward-dated the update to tomorrow (3/7) to make sure Lackey updates even if you download the update earlier today.

@dragostea: I haven't added Commander Legends packs yet because the pack structure is quite complex, and I haven't been able to find thorough information about what all you can get in which slots, in what probabilities. Every time Wizards makes a set with custom-collated packs, it's an exciting new headache for me to simulate. I intend to add it when I can do so at least reasonably accurately.

Unfortunately the 1-10 selector is a part of Lackey that isn't configurable by plugin settings.


I have three things.

1. A bunch of Secret Lair images are getting errors. The only one not 'temp' tho is 142, which I believe is Thraximundar.

2. Do you think you'll add Lord of the Rings and all this other foolishness? I was really happy when you didn't add the Walking Dead cards, but if it's gonna be a whole thing now... I mean what if there's a real cool random equipment or something. Idk.

3. OK, so the amount of work this would take me, I would never do it, but you know all sorts of shortcuts and stuff, so I'm just going to propose it. What if you added a set called lands or 1lands or something and added all the extra lands arts like Plains (Beta B), Swamp (Legions C), Mountain (War D), etc. Now, like I said, if you have to add the lands one by one by one, that would be quite a lot, but if its easy, I mean, all the land arts are sooooooooooo pretty.

And, of course, thanks for all the awesome work you do!  :) :) :)


1. Missing Secret Lair images
Thanks for the catch! Images should be uploaded now.

2. Adding Universes Beyond
I imagine I will (and I'll probably go back and add the Walking Dead cards too). It was one thing when it was a one-off gimmick, but apparently it's a whole deal now.

3. Multiple land art per set
I have thought about doing something similar, but... it really would be a logistical clusterfuck to shoehorn all that into a program that doesn't natively support such a thing.


Ok, so, A, I guess some kind of certificate for this website needs to be renewed? Idk if you can see even this (Firefox wouldn't let me even open the site, but Chrome does.), but if you are in contact with whoever can do that.

But more importantly, another issue. Ok so I know you like adding columns and more information and functionality. But. The search area on the left goes down in order of the columns, a fact you probably can't change. Because you've added enough columns, there's only room for one Text search. At least on my laptop screen, which isn't, like, tiny, the last option is the second Sound. And there are circumstances where it's really nice to be able to search for two different things on a card. So it would be really nice if you could move things like Draft Qualities, Script, Sound, maybe one of the Sets, to after Text. If there are people who like reading the text in the box instead of reading the card, they can still enlarge the column even if its not the last one.

Also, I'm not sure I ever used the feature, but didn't you make it possible at some point to move a stack of cards from the Game area back to the Deck Editor somehow? Or did I make that up in my memory somehow? If it ever was possible, I can't seem to find it anymore.


So, first off, what happened to a bunch of posts? Weird.

Anyway, though, small thing I noticed, the Secret Lair cards for Okaun, Zndr, Propaganda, and Stitch in Time have colors but no color identities. Both the regular and the (B) for all four.


Quote from: turtlelemon on January 08, 2022, 09:07:41 PM
So, first off, what happened to a bunch of posts? Weird.

There was some problems with a forum update and the only backup that I could get to work was from several months back. All the more recent backups wouldn't load for one reason or another.



Newly added:

  • Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
  • Neon Dynasty Commander (partial spoiler)
  • Unfinity (partial spoiler)
  • Holiday cards: Last-Minute Chopping and the Treasure token
  • New Secret Lair cards, as usual

Newly high-res:

  • Midnight Hunt alternate arts
  • Midnight Hunt Commander
  • Crimson Vow (just the main set, not alt arts or tokens yet)
  • Crimson Vow Commander


  • Color identity for reversible cards (good catch, turtlelemon)



Error Downloading Image for the five Crimson Vow Basic Lands.


Thank you for all the work you put into creating and maintaining the plugin!

Is there a list of all the sets included in the plugin and, specifically, is unstable included? - I couldn't see it but I've not used Lackey in about 5 years so it's entirely possible I'm missing something obvious.


turtlelemon: Thanks, fixed

Trebor200: Not really, other than the plugin itself, but yes, Unstable is included. The set code is "ust".

Generally speaking, the Set field of a card should always contain the official three-letter set code used by Wizards. To maintain backwards compatibility within Lackey, some older sets use nonstandard names, but in either case, the ActualSet field should be accurate. You can search by either in the Lackey deck editor.


no kamigawa commander yet? is there a way to do it manually?
- a total lamen to lackey


Advil_Lavigne: My bad, I've been preoccupied lately and didn't even notice the rest of the spoiler dropped. I should be able to get that done tomorrow evening.



  • Neon Dynasty Commander (full set)
  • Kamigawa Neon Dynasty: added tokens
  • Various new Secret Lair cards


It looks like we're still missing the 2 commanders from the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Commander decks?

I did notice they aren't included in the official deck lists, but when I try to add them to the deck in Lackey they don't exist.

Also, thank you for all the work you do so we can enjoy the game!


Ginyu, if you mean Chishiro and Kotori, they're in it for me.

But what I came here to post is that, there's now two completely different cards called Unquenchable Fury, and I feel like one of them should get a (b) or (Battle the Horde) or something.