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Magic: The Gathering Plugin Updates

Started by CrazyChucky, January 23, 2020, 09:06:02 PM

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Added the cards previewed so far for Zendikar Rising Commander.


Incidentally, I realized just the other day that for a while, I've been making a formatting error in the version file. It stopped Lackey from correctly doing automatic updates. But now it's fixed!


Like fifteen ZNR cards have Error Downloading Image for me. Three such are 172, 170, 265.


Thanks! I think I fixed it, let me know if you still find some missing.




Whoops, I had Double Masters using standard drafting packs! Now corrected, so you should get:

  • 1 rare or mythic rare
  • 3 uncommons
  • 8 commons
  • 2 "foil" slots, which can be of any rarity
(The probabilities aren't 100% accurate, but are as good as I can simulate in Lackey.)

Also added the Zendikar Secret Lair Drop.



This is probably asking too much, especially since I bugged you into adding Secret Lair in the first place, but is there any way you could just not add the Walking Dead cards. I really do not like them, and it seems like very few do. So we could just pretend they aren't real? And I believe there's Arena only unique cards you don't have in, so there's precedent to ignore these unique cards too, right? Right??? Maybe???


Walking Dead cards? What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure nothing like that exists. ?_?



Added full Zendikar Rising Commander set, new Secret Lair cards, and ongoing spoilers for Commander Legends.
Also added scripts for Monarch, Amass, and Encore.


Aaaaand also removed the Ravnica sets and M20 from Standard. Only a month late. Can you tell I don't really follow Standard?



The full Commander Legends set is up. (The normal set is "cmr", and the borderless planeswalkers and foiled alt-frame cards are under "1cmr".)
I have not yet added the draftable pack, because I haven't yet been able to find detailed enough information about how the various slots are allocated.


  • Zendikar Rising and Zendikar Rising Commander are now high-res.
  • Added Germ-spawning script for Living Weapons.


Skyclave Relic wasn't making token copies of itself. Fixed.



Kaldheim is uploaded, as well as what's revealed so far of Kaldheim Commander.


  • Commander Collection: Green is now high-res.
  • Topdeck the Halls, the new holiday card, is added.
  • Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition has the new Pathways.
  • Various Secret Lair cards added and/or updated to high-res, as appropriate



Commander Legends is now (mostly) high-res. (The double-foiled alternate prints, as well as the tokens that only appear in the commander decks, are still low-res.)

I've also added an ActualSet field to the card data. This always matches the card's set code as listed on Scryfall, rather than some older, custom set codes I maintain for Lackey backwards compatibility with saved decks, or the "1" I now prepend for promo prints.


I'm not seeing Commander Legends as an option for packs/draft.

Feature request - can we allocate a wider number than 1-10 packs in a card pool at a time?