Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (new LCG from Fantasy Flight, NOT Decipher)

Started by Bootylactin, July 28, 2011, 11:10:14 AM

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Lotr-LCG is a fantastic new (released in April) card game from Fantasy Flight Games.  It's co-operative game (and can also be played solo), whereby the players compete against a scenario run by the game itself.  Game info can be found here:

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Rules, FAQs, and a Video Tutorial can be found here:
Support Page

The creation of this plugin was born out of a want to play this game online with a close friend who now lives in Korea.  I introduced him to the game while he was visiting home, and he purchased his own copy the following day.

I'm in the final stages of finishing this plugin.  I've got a few cards left to scan, I'm working on the updatelist.txt, and I'm waiting for the next version of Lackey which should contain the final bug fixes that will allow my plugin to work with the new preferred XML format.

Stay tuned...


You can get high quality scans as well as all the data for the core set and the first expansion here Link



Thanks for the link, and I was using those images originally.  I'm doing my own scans now because I have more control over the entire process, and can ensure that the cards look like they all "came from the same place".  I'm also doing some extra work in photoshop to try to improve the readability of the text at lower resolutions.

My plan is to release this plugin before I head to GenCon on Wednesday.  I've heard they are going to be releasing 2-3 ADDITIONAL expansions from the Mirkwood cycle at the con.  I will hopefully have all of them in my possession this time next week.



Can't wait. I've only played one game and I'm hooked! Definitely willing to play on lackey once this is released. Thanks for the work to all those involved


Until she makes her way into the public plugin finder, here's the info you need:

Plugin: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game -  (Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight) ("lotr-lcg")
Home Page: http://bbql.org/lotr-lcg
Updatelist (high): http://bbql.org/lotr-lcg/sets/setimages/high/updatelist.txt
Updatelist (medium): http://bbql.org/lotr-lcg/sets/setimages/medium/updatelist.txt

Please pay special attention to the ReadMe.txt, which is included with the plugin but I will repeat here because it's simply that important:

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game presents a unique situation for Lackey, because the
Quest and Encounter decks are controlled by the game and not the players.  For the purposes
of this plugin, it is assumed that the first player will control the Encounter deck.

Included with this plugin are the 3 scenarios that ship with the Core Set.  To play any of the
three, do the following:

1. First build your deck as you normally would, leaving both the Quest and Encounter decks empty.  Save your deck.
2. Navigate to your /plugins/lotr-lcg/saved folder, and inside you will find a text file that pertains to each scenario.
3. Select the scenario you want to play, and make a COPY of this file in the same directory
4. Remove start.txt, if it exists in this folder.
5. Re-name the file you copied in step 3 to start.txt
6. Now return to Lackey and choose Main Menu > New Game.  This will load your chosen scenario.
7. Load in your player deck.
8. Click and drag a box around all of the orange Encounter cards on the table, drag them to the Encounter Deck, then shuffle it
9. Play the game and enjoy!

I'm off to GenCon tomorrow, so my responses will likely be delayed over the next 5 days.


Thanks for the plugin. Very well done. I am getting errors when I try to download the images.


Quote from: r0cknes on August 03, 2011, 05:57:56 AM
Thanks for the plugin. Very well done. I am getting errors when I try to download the images.

Strange, so am I.  If I install the plugin fresh, and don't click the "Download All Images" button, then they come in fine one at a time.  But if I do click the Download All button, they all error, and then when I go to the Deck Editor and click through the cards one by one, some of them download, and then some of them don't.  At that point I shut down Lackey and restarted, then went back to the Deck Editor, and this time clicking through one by one, all of those that previously wouldn't load downloaded successfully.  I'm going to have to ask Trevor about this one, as I have no ideas.



Quote from: Trevor on August 03, 2011, 10:25:14 AM
You need a slash at the end of the CardGeneralURLs

All, I have made this change.  If you already downloaded the plugin, please remove your /plugins/lotr-lcg folder and pull it again.  The "Download All Missing Images" button now works.


actually they shouldn't have to remove the folder. Just use the update button for the plugin.


thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

anyone who wants to play send me a pm and we'll set up a time. it'll be my second game ever and I don't play using Lackey all that often, so you'll have to be a liiiittle patient, but practice makes perfect!

EDIT: Grim Resolve is missing its card image, should be 25.jpg


Quote from: Cyrus on August 03, 2011, 01:44:35 PMEDIT: Grim Resolve is missing its card image, should be 25.jpg
I just checked both the high and medium image folders, and 25.jpg is there in both. Have you tried quitting and re-starting Lackey?  Anyway know of a way to force a download of an image? 


Works now... not sure why it wasn't showing up at first.

Also, have you considered changing the resource token text color? The white is nearly impossible to read, at least for me

Besides that I just ran through a solo game and everything seems to be working great. Thanks again!