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Imaginiff Board Game Full Plugin

Started by GymCat, June 19, 2016, 11:00:57 AM

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I've been done with this plugin for a while but hadn't uploaded it yet.

Not only did I scan all 260 cards, then crop and resize them... I made some improvements...
- Added the color words to the cards for color blind people. (The blue cards say "Blue" above the numbers on the cards, etc)
- Added the player color options gold, pink, and rainbow which allows this plugin to have up to TEN players since Lackey supports up to 10 players in 1 game... the game is originally for up to 8 players... but the only reason you couldn't have more players than that is because there WERE only 8 different colored player options.

In the folder are a .doc file with the rules of the game, there is also the game board image. You must place the game board image into Lackey's backgrounds folder. If you go to the LackeyCCG base folder, click images, then click backgrounds. That is where "Imaginiff Board 50p.jpg" must be placed. The board should align so that all players using the same background will see the game board.

To play this game in Lackey... find the deck of the colored number cards matching the color you want to play, and load that deck to your HAND. When you play a number card, if you want to play it face down, you must turn it over in your hand by right clicking and selecting "turn over" then play it.

Either 1 person should load the Imaginiff deck to their hand, and everybody draw from that person's deck, or everybody can load the deck and go like normal BUT you may double some cards in the game by doing this... there are so many cards that that won't happen too often though.

Download the plugin:


Could you please share it again. This link is dead :(