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A friend of mine fixed the image references for Fate Reforged and Commander 2014 in allcards2.txt, if you replace yours with this version it should work for now.

(Note: yes, this is on the same server as the plugin itself. I host it, but Bort maintains it, so I don't want to go mucking about with the official package myself. Not sure how versioning and updating plugins works, anyway.)
Same thing for Commander 2014, looks like.
That's odd, I wonder if it's because Lackey sees it as a new plugin since it's from a different URL? I don't know much of anything about how the plugin structure works.

Anyway, glad I can be of help with the hosting. : )
I PMed Bort FTP login info yesterday so they can try hosting the plugin on my server, but I haven't heard back yet.
I'm having the same issue, though it's not what I noticed at first. Without reinstalling or to my knowledge changing anything, one day when I got on Lackey, some cards (mostly from M15 and Khans) that had been working fine previously now had no images. My friends and I playing all started experiencing the problem at the same time, though different ones of us are missing different images.

Trying to reinstall the plugin gets the timeout error others have mentioned, but I can access the update list and seemingly all mentioned files (including images) just fine in a web browser.

Even if the downloads aren't working, how in the world could I have lost image files I had previously? I checked, they're not there on my hard drive in their sets' image folders.

I don't know if this is relevant, but perusing the image folders, other sets have their images as "###.jpg", but Khans and M15 have "temp###.jpg". I've never looked through the image folders before so I have no idea if that's normal.