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iPad b5 plugin not available when browsing

Started by TriOpticon, February 16, 2015, 07:30:47 AM

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I have loaded the b5 plugin using the auto update URL of

It downloads fine. However, if I tap Browse installed plugins to load one, and select b5 the Choose button is not enabled. I cannot even remove it. Only the cancel button is enabled.

It works fine on the desktop.

I would think the Delete selected item button would always be enabled when a plugin is selected, even if the plugin is bad. How else could one remove a bad plugin? 


There is a problem with that plugin, but you're right that it should be able to be deleted with the button. I will fix that.


Would you tell me what the error is so that I can manually fix it and load it using my manual method as I have done to load manual plugins?




Thanks.  I manually edited the updatelist.txt on my desktop copy and then just updated the iPad version from there and it is now selectable.