Using AutoUpdateURL crashes LackeyCCG on WinXP - on Win Vista it works fine

Started by Reth, February 16, 2015, 01:41:09 PM

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Hi everybody,

first of all thanks again for LackeyCCG. I am using it regularly to play Redemption.

Since I am not at home ATM but can use an old WinXP machine I installed LackeyCCG and tried to install the Redemption Plugin using the AutoUpdateURL. This has been working fine so far always when I used it on Win Vista.

But on WinXP LackeyCCG always crashes and Windows wants to send an error report. Is there anything known that it has to be used specially for WinXP?

Unfortunately I cannot use it ATM. Here is the URL I want to use for the plugin:

Does anybody have any idea on that?

Many thanks in advance!



Unfortunately, I have no idea.  I am able to load that plugin on the iPad and my Windows 7 desktop.

Hopefully, Trevor will chime in with some information.  Maybe something is not compatible with XP.


What are you doing when it crashes ? Is it the same thing every time? Most importantly, can you figure out a way to reliably cause it to crash? If you can, and I can also replicate it, I can certainly fix it.


The crash always occurs a short while after I started AutoUpdate from given URL. Is there some kind of log or debug output that could be produced?
Unfortunately the XP machine does not work ATM (maybe not any more) so I cannot continue testing it (maybe some time again in future).