New things in LackeyCCG posted 9/22/14 (version 1.0.2 on iPad)

Started by Trevor, October 05, 2014, 11:37:51 AM

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I added a plugin installer wizard, which now appears in the box you see when you launch LackeyCCG for the first time. It's really simple, but it helps guide new users (who don't want to read or watch any other tutorials) on how to load a plugin. The button to launch the plugin installer wizard looks like this:

And the actual plugin installer looks simply like this:

I also added some buttons specifically for the iPad. When you are moving a card (such as to the table from your hand), while moving it, you will now see buttons that give you the option to drop the card flipped over, or rotated.

Similarly, while you are moving a card and the card is hovering over a zone tab, you will see the option to have the moving card be dropped on the bottom of that zone instead of the top (which is the default).