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New Modern Lackey Skin: Bright
« on: August 20, 2013, 06:26:20 am »
I made another new modern skin for Lackey. This time I went with a light color scheme, and based on this I've called the skin 'Bright'.
(The colors were actually inspired by this awesome Chrono Trigger art.)



Inside the .zip archive you will find 5 folders ( fonts, images/backgrounds, images/interface, images/zonebackgrounds, skins). Simply place the contents of these folders into the corresponding folders within the Lackey program directory on your computer.
After you have installed the files open Lackey and do the following:
  • Go to Preferences → Skins, and click Browse an existing skin to load it.... Select the correct file for your skin and click Choose.
  • Go to Preferences → Appearance, and make the settings for the backgrounds and fonts as shown in the image below.

Good luck, and enjoy!