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Magic: The Gathering Plugin Updates

Started by CrazyChucky, January 23, 2020, 09:06:02 PM

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He's right. I just double checked for myself. Windows 10 does not like dealing with folders or files named con.


Sorry about that. This bug was brought to my attention some time ago, and the Magic plugin no longer creates that folder. However, I unfortunately have no ability to make Lackey delete or rename the folder if it's already there from an older version.

If anyone else is having this issue, here's how to remove it:

Blastoise Factory

Okay, thanks for fixing it! I was able to remove it (with some effort hehe).



Partial spoilers of Ikoria and Commander 2020 are uploaded, along with a custom implementation of keyword mechanic counters as "tokens". Any card that can place mechanic counters should have right-click scripts to create these tokens for all applicable counters. I recommend placing them next to or under the intended creature, much as you would with an aura.

Baron Von Count also now enters with the doom counter on 5, and scripts to reveal/look at the top of your library have been added to many cards for your convenience, including those that exile cards off the top. Note that some cards fiddle with other players' libraries; whoever clicks the script is the one whose library will be affected.



Ikoria and Commander 2020 are fully uploaded.

Going forward, I plan to designate showcase and other promo sets as a digit before the default set code. Ikoria's showcase cards are under 1iko, and the Toho Godzilla cards are 2iko. This way it'll be consistent, and the normal cards should always have the alphabetically last set code, which means they'll be the ones Lackey supplies by default when you paste in decklists.

Other, smaller tweaks:

  • Unbeknownst to me, basic lands in Zendikar, Battle for Zendikar, Amonkhet, and Hour of Devastation had switched to the non-full-art versions due to a change in how Scryfall serves data. I've reverted them to their prettier cousins.
  • The Myriad cycle of cards from Commander 2015 (including Blade of Selves) now have scripts to generate copy tokens.
  • Vehicles with flying have the hover script.
  • Bestial Menace's script is fixed and now spawns all three creatures.



A few small improvements.

  • Ikoria and C20 cards that make mechanic counters now do so automatically (when dragged to table), where appropriate.
  • Forbidden Friendship makes its dinosaur and human soldier tokens automatically as well.
  • Updated the formatting of Adventure mana costs to use {}, in line with other mana costs.
  • Updated the plugin's default canned chat messages. (You'll only see this if you go to "Preferences->Chats & Macros" and select "Reset to default magic canned messages." Otherwise Lackey just keeps what you already had.)
    I added the /playerchoose command, to randomly select a player, and /copyzonetodeckeditor, which is helpful for deckbuilding.



Uploading the latest errata'd card text. Also includes some typo fixes for Ikoria.



  • Added scripts for coin-flipping and dice-rolling to relevant cards. Includes a d10 for deciding which counter to put on Crystalline Giant
  • Changed the reminder text on Ikoria's keyword counters to align with those of the keywords they grant.
  • There was an extraneous space in defaultchat.txt, keeping /copyzonetodeckeditor from functioning. It should be fixed now (in the defaults, not in your existing settings unless you reset them).



  • Core Set 2021 is added.
  • Commander 2020 and Ikoria are now high-res.
  • Lurrus of the Dream-Den was incorrectly named Lurrus of the Dream Den; this has been fixed. If you had it saved in any decks, you'll need to re-add it.
  • Kind of a weird change: the ordering of some of the artifacts in Sixth Edition changed, which changes their image file names. If you load any Sixth Edition artifacts and they display the wrong image, just delete the folder [Lackey Folder]/plugins/magic/sets/setimages/6e. Lackey will then redownload images as needed and save them with the new names.



The creator of The Collation Project is a goddang hero. Thanks to their efforts, we now have a complete list of the contents of each slot in the Mystery Booster. Both the retail edition (with the foils) and the convention edition (with the playtest cards) are now draftable in the plugin.

On a smaller note, two fixes to existing packs:

  • Ikoria: I incorrectly put the taplands in as normal commons. Now they replace the (not simulated) basic land half the time. This means you'll get either 14 or 15 cards.
  • Khans of Tarkir: I put the taplands in the basic land slot, like in Fate Reforged. This was incorrect. They now function as normal commons.



All the cards from Jumpstart are added. I don't think it's possible to make the packs themselves work correctly in Lackey.


For some reason my sounds stopped working (for land and creatures entering the battlefield, for instance) Any way I can help fix?


Is it possible your card sounds preference has gotten turned off? Sometimes Lackey mysteriously changes one's saved settings with no warning or explanation. See if Preferences -> Sound -> Enable Card Sounds (at the very bottom) is checked.


All sounds are on, but only certain sounds play :-(


Okay. Everything seems to be working when I test. The more specific you can be, the more likely I'll be able to track down what's happening.

  • Which sounds are working? Are any cards making a sound when first placed on the table from your hand? (A second play, or playing it directly from your library, never makes a sound.)
  • Do cards in the deck editor list anything in their "Sound" column? (Each card should list its type, like "creature" or "artifact", or for basic lands, its name.)
  • Are any other sounds, beside card-play sounds, also not working?
  • Is there a ListOfCardSoundFiles.txt in your main plugin folder, and a a creature.wav, artifact.wav, etc. in magic/sounds?
  • If not (maybe something somehow got deleted?), have you tried clicking Update/Install to redownload them?