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Settelers of Catan

Started by Gordon228, June 09, 2011, 03:15:01 PM

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How would you implement a game like settlers of catan in to lackey and if it's relatively easy i might do it this is besides the drawing of the cards.


I'd have to find out how to play it. Got a link to a good tutorial?

Gordon228 here is the link to the official site but the only thing i am wondering is if lackey can have placements on the grid lines?


The part about Catan that confounds me the most (about adding into Lackey) is the randomized play map...

Catan is really popular, but it's also going to be REALLY difficult to add.


it may be random but that can be solved buy a button to get one of the tiles in the deck out then shuffling the deck so you would have the tiles in a deck is my thought


Just make the Tiles a set of cards with their own zone.   Then you can shuffle them and lay them out as described in the rule book.   With Lackey now supporting transparent images, all the features required to support vanilla Catan are here... Seafarers as well.  Cities and Knights, and Traders and Barbarians, might be a bit tricky. Now we just need some one with the time to make the plugin.


thats why i want to know if you can have placements on a grid as i can do most of the plugin but not the drawing part


It's not entirely necessary. since you are placing the tiles by hand it shouldn't be too hard to lien them up.  A generous border on the tile images would also help in that regard.


well for the roads and settlements not the tiles them selves that easy

Edit: update

Uploaded with tell me what you think?

edit2: how would i get rid of thos box's that you see in the pic?


update i am just making the difrent colors now and here is the placement and i do say not bad.


Wow Gordon nice work. I wasn't sure how this would turn out at first but it is looking pretty good! keep up the good work. I will download and play when it is done. :-)


i did not make the tiles witch made it easy i just had to get it to look right and i need to get rid of the black box's you see.


Gordon I sent you a pm. I might be able to lend you a hand.


Yea the pngs look good. I think it has to do with lackey viewing the image file, and also it needs a border so that it can light up when the item is selected. Maybe an option to hide card borders when a card is not selected would work.

BTW Trevor you are the man! This program ROCK!!! ;D


Yay, One of the best board games :D I like where this is headed