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Custom 3D printed miniatures

Started by briester85, April 19, 2014, 11:28:50 AM

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I'm doing something here that needs some public opinion. I've been putting together a website that you might like, if you use minis.

Thing is, when you go to a store to pick up minis, you've got a wall to choose from. You find the one that most closely approximates your character, and that's what you've got to live with.

I was annoyed that I couldn't just have MY CHARACTER! So I popped into Blender, modeled one up, and extruded it with a buddy's 3D printer.

Then I thought, "wait, other people probably want this to..." And so I tossed up an indi-go go campaign to get a pulse on public opinion. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter, point you in the direction of my campaign, and answer any questions you might have in this thread. (No I'm not a spam-bot. I'm actually sitting right here waiting to chat with you.)


This seems like a very good idea Bryan. If I weren't preparing to go back to school and change careers next month after 20 years in IT, I'd consider donating to the cause but unfortunately money is very tight for me at this time.


So, what if you can't do 3d modeling?  8)

Do you plan to offer modeling services via commission?