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Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Question about unistalling.txt
« on: April 24, 2020, 05:24:27 pm »
Every time I use unistall.txt for my plugin it doesn't seem to clear the current images on the plugin for redownload when a new update rolls out. Is it not supposed to clear out images or is it is used for something else?

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Hotwheels Acceleracers CCG Plugin
« on: December 27, 2018, 02:57:53 pm »
Hello im posting this to inform that theres that the Hotwheels Acceleracers Card Game is available for Lacky. I DID NOT CREATE THIS PLUGIN, all credit goes to nerfman100. Original post can be found here:

Autoupdate Link:

Game's Rule Book:

Acceleracers Card Game Special Feature:

Plugin Includes:

- Images for all 246 cards, plus the token chip and reference card

- All of the game's phases (though you still have to move through them manually)

- All of the game's zones (deck, junk pile, realms, etc.)

- Decklists for both of the decks included in the Starter Set, to start out with

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Active CCG Plugin Communties
« on: December 16, 2017, 05:38:08 pm »
Anyone know active ccg plugin communties that anyone can get into and if so list it here. Most plugin playerbase seems to be dead so i hope this thread can expand some plugin communties.

AutoUpdate Files:

Core [Main}: (NEW AUTOUPDATE FILE, Original File will no longer work)


Discord Server: 

Game Updates:

Current Rulebook (Version 2.3.2): (Updated 1-11-19)

Desktop Background:

About the Game:
In Mecha Warriors you pilot your own mech, and utilize your weapons to their fullest potential as weapons are your gateway for utilizing attack cards. Weapons are attached to various parts of your mech throughout the game, and every weapon has HP which determines the amount of damage it can take before the weapon is destroyed. In this game, each Mech has a standard mecha HP of 30. If your opponent has 0 mecha HP, you win the game. You will primarily achieve this by repeatedly attacking parts of your opponent?s mech with attack cards. Attacking will always be directed towards parts, and if a weapon is attached to a part that you have attacked, it will impact damage towards your opponent?s mecha HP and weapon HP. Mecha Warriors has various game mechanics and cards types to help you become victorious in this game.

Deck Requirement:
30 cards in main deck and 3 cards in starting cards section [33 cards in general excluding necessity tokens].

Starting Cards:
?   1 Mecha Card (Required)
?   1 Compatible Regular Type Weapon Card (Required)

Main Deck:
?   Up to 7 Weapon Cards
?   Variety Number of Attack cards
?   Variety Number of Upgrade Cards
?   Variety Number of Secret Cards

Field: Each side of the field is divided into 2 main zones, the mecha zone and attack zone. The mecha zone consist of your mecha card, all weapon zones in which weapons can be attached to and 3 secret zones.  The attack zone consist of attack cards and where upgrade cards briefly go.

Mecha Cards:

Info: The mecha card is the main card in the overall game, and thus is limited to one per deck. Every weapon, assault attack, upgrade, and secret card is based on this card. The mecha card determines the playing style of the overall deck.

There are 5 types of Mecha cards and each type has their unique playing style

  • Normal ? Normal types has no specialization, and can use several of types of effects but at a weaker state.
  • Melee ? Melee types specializes on stunning weapons and establishing on board attacks.
  • Grunt ? Grunt types specializes on piercing a lot of damage towards your opponent?s mecha HP. (A Grunt deck is not available in plugin yet but it is in the works)
  • Machinery ? Machinery specializes in impacting low damage towards multiple parts at once. (A Machinery deck is not available in plugin yet but it is in the works)
  • Sniper ? Sniper specializes in impacting high damage towards specific parts. (A sniper Deck is not available in plugin yet but it is in the works)

    Weapon Cards:

    Info: The weapon card is the main playmaker of the game. Weapon cards allows you to use attack cards which most attack cards cannot not do on their own.

    There are 3 types of weapon cards in the game

    Regular: This weapon card type is what regular attack cards revolves around. Each deck must have 1 regular weapon card at every deck as their starting weapon.

    Protective: This weapon card type can protect the player from attacks and attack damage. Your opponent must always direct their attacks towards the protective weapon card, as long as you have a protective card on the field. You also cannot take mecha damage from attacks directed towards your protective weapon card. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 PROTECTIVE WEAPON ON YOUR MECHA ZONE AT A TIME.   

    Temporary: Temporary weapon cards can spawn attack tokens, and only last for a certain amount of turns indicated by the turn limit. When the turn limit expires, the weapon card self-destructs. Tokens spawned to the field are automatically returned to the token pile (not sent to the junkyard) if the temporary weapon that spawned it leaves the field. YOU CANNOT RETURN THIS TYPE TO THE HAND (except by card effect) OR ATTACH TWO COPPIES OF THE SAME CARD ONTO YOUR MECHA ZONE.

    Attack Cards:

    Info: Attack cards is the main card that impacts damage towards your opponent. Attack cards need specific weapon cards to set them, this is listed on the card. Attack cards have their own effect, and abilities that are useful in the heat of battle.

    There are 2 types of weapon cards in the game

    Regular: The attack card type is the most common form of dealing damage. Regular attack cards need a weapon to associate with by matching a regular weapon card?s category to a regular attack card?s WCR and matching the attack card?s WNR to the regular weapon card?s name. Regular attack cards need a weapon to associate to or it cannot be set at all. When a regular attack card is ?base? set from the hand it is set in the unready position. There can be an unlimited amount of regular attack cards at a time.

    Assault: The assault attack card type is used for quick and easy attacks. Assault attack cards often has turn limits so they are only for a limited use. When an assault attack card is base set from the hand it is set in the ready position. There can only be 1 assault attack card on the field at a time but the one currently on the field can be replaced; however, not in the same turn it was set.

    Upgrade Cards:

    Info: Upgrade cards are cards that are used to enhance your plays. Upgrade cards are recommended to give a deck extra consistency and power.

    Secret Cards:

    Info: Secret cards are cards made to disrupt your opponent?s plays. Secret cards give a deck an extra form of protection and develop your strategies for your most desired play.

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