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Pokemon League

Started by Bob the Builder, April 24, 2011, 01:31:41 PM

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Bob the Builder

As part of the Magic 3 in 1 league, the second league will be POKEMON, so if anyone is interested, please message or leave a reply here.. Also will post league rules soon.. looking for 6 to 10 players, or more if possible.

Bob the Builder

Rules for the Pokemon League are as follows.
1.All Bases sets and expansions to whats current on the plugin, and also Black and White if its ever included are legal for use in the league.
2. Players must play with a 60 card deck, no sideboard.
3. Due to game length a match is 1 game.
4. Winners get 4 points. losers get 0
5 Rage quitting is 0, and if you cheat, its automatic removal from the league with loss of all standings.
6. You must have at least 2 decks for the league, no 1 deck can ever be played twice in a row
7.Players may play a second league match game, BUT if they do so they must play 1 match game with a different opponent before they can play each other again.
8. Rankings and stats will be posted on the Lackeyccg on Facebook page once a week, there will also be a reporting page to post your wins and losses there as well.

First and second place will recieve 2 and 1 packs respectively. League will run for 8 weeks

Bob the Builder

Now we just need players for this league.. the packs we will be giving out will come from Black and White, and Call of Legends. So if you want to play in this league let me know. You could be the winner of a pack with some great cards inside

Bob the Builder

The Pokemon plugin has been UPDATED, so IF you are interested in LEAGUE play get ahold of me .. or reply here.. looking to start soon

Bob the Builder

Update.. Days of the week for league play are Friday , Saturday, and Sunday. This way we know at least 3 days people will have available to play..League games can be played any day.. but will be scheduled on these 3 days, as standard league play days

Bob the Builder

Ok update . we now have 3 players for the Pokemon league. just need 3 more. If interested go to lackey ccg on Facebook there is a section in the discussions to post your contact info.. name email, best time to play.. Hoping to get this going really fast.. hope to see you play


k well i got ppl that may play, but make this easier. Put the links to the Facebook Page, and the Page discussion board here so i can just send them one link :)

Bob the Builder  Go into the Pokemon Players contact list in the discussion section and leave your name and email address

Bob the Builder

Just needing 3 or 4 more people to get this Pokemon league going.. Join up, and lets get this thing going.. The next league there will be more Prizes..


sry u felt that way on facebook. wat happened?


I am interested in joining.
I also have a question, are we playing with or without the restrictions and bans.


This was posted April 24, 2011. It was a long time ago.

Maybe you could run a new one? :)