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Started by Trevor, April 14, 2011, 06:19:34 AM

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A tabletop game, as far as this forum is concerned, are those games you play with little figurines. I'm not sure if the term tabletop game is the right one for that. If you think of a better term, let me know.
I'm talking about the genre that includes Warhammer, lord of the rings, HeroClix, D&D minis, and warmachine.

I personally haven't played them (much), and I'm a bit ignorant of how they work. I think they seem really cool though, and I have friends who do play.

A lot of people have told me "wouldn't it be cool if Lackey let you play tabletop games". Yes, indeed it would. The purpose of this forum is to tell you that I intend to do just that. I want to add the functionality to Lackey that makes it a great tool to play these sorts of games.


Warhammer etc = War gaming
Heroclix etc = pseudo wargaming.
Monopoly/Carcassonne = Board game

The only 'tabletop' title I know is for roleplaying (also called pen and paper roleplaying), as opposed to live or LARP.

I get the wrong idea from tabletop game, maybe "Miniatures game" is more accurate?  It WOULD be awesome to play Bloodbowl though :)


While there are sub-genres within I think Table Top is a fine enbough wording - as oppossed to Board Game (because Miniature games mostly lack that) etc... Table Top allows for multiple style of games to fall under the banister. Cheers, I think this a great addition!


DnD minis, any kind of clix, heroscape, etc are all "miniatures" games.

Tabletop tends to mean any kind game you play on a table, tabletop board game would be any game that needs a board (this is used loosely, as several games build a board with tiles as they go).  This is based on convention experience and running events but when you are talking small figures, its a "minis" game.


The line gets blurred with games like hero's quest or descent where you use miniatures on top of a board or tiles


You use miniatures on a board to play monopoly too.