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Zombies meet Lord of the rings gameplay..

Started by xchokeholdx, December 04, 2009, 07:45:18 AM

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Here is a nice brainstorm I have..

How about creating a GOOD Zombie card game, based on some of the rules from the Decipher Lord of the rings game.

Players would travel with their Survivors through X sites, to get to the end/rescue point. Each "Survivor" card played would add "threats", just like in the Lotr game. The Survivor party would generate it, the zombies will use "Threats" to play zombies and other nasty stuff to kill the survivors.

Players would start with a fixed party, and would use Zombies to stop their opponents.

Gameplay will have similarities, but enough deviations to make it unique.

Art for this game will be VERY EASY to create. just google some pictures of people, add some gore and blood in Photoshop, change some filters and voila!

Need moar ideas!


i have not played deciphers lord of the rings tcg. how does this work? is this like Thud! where players swap roles after a round (a mechanic that i swear must get more use)?


no, players play both roles and thus both have half a deck full of "survivor" cards, and the other half devoted to "Zombie" cards. You use one half to drag your sorry ass over the sites to get to the end (and survive), while using the Zombie half to eat zome BRAIIIINNZZZ of your opponent's survivors.

The beauty of the game mechanic from Decipher was that if you stock up on great cards for your survivors, you will create a lot of Tokens (pool) for your opponent to play zombies with. this more or less balances the game...

with some minor adjustments, I think it can be set up real quick.. anyone up for it?


i will help if you want. i dont knw anything about the system though


I really do not have the time to help you with that project, but the idea just sounds great!

a wonderful mechanic to use for a zombie game:

if i attach a shotgun to my survivor, you can play more zombies next turn.

keep the zombies simple, maybe 3 to 5 types (with more later on) and focus on survivors, make them real characters being able to attach survival equipment and gain skills. and of course: cool sites! do not focus too much on say just a haunted house - what about the survivors try to reach the other end of a desolate zombie town. this provides more freedom as you can add houses, scrapyards, parks, horror-hospitals, empty shopping malls and the like.

verrrrrry good idea!


All I can say is: Left 4 Dead Ccg
It would be awesome, lol, and is basically what you are doing. I just liked the sound of the name. No reason to take the actual intellectual property.
Could do so really cool stuff with this idea... might have to go more with the idea that each zombie would be a real beast to fight off so that player's don't have to stockpile lowly zombies to unleash on players all at once... but they could...
I never played the Decipher game either (which is weird, I love Decipher games) but I think I understand the mechanics pretty well. I dunno if I have the time to commit to this though... we'll have to see where the following weeks take me.


whats the progress here? anything nice happening?


i will gladly help in the project. LOTR imo is the best cards game made due to the fact that you play good and evil, and how you play one side effects how you play the other. might try and think of some differences from lotr tho, but the base mechanics: i.e. good/bad deck, sitepath, is a good idea.


Nothing happening yet, just brain (mid the pun!) storming.

I guess players would start out more or less the same way like they did in LOTR, with a starting party.

Possible characters could be: The office guy, the stewardess, the card flopper, the CEO, etc.. they would have names off course, but you get where I am going with this, right?

Lots of different zombies like L4D has, and even more.

add some equipment we all like to have, like chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun and the game almost plays by itself.

Some rule tweaks are in order of course. goal of the game, healing and wounding, movement, events etc..

When I am finished with the Clone wars ccg, I?ll have a deeper look on this, because I think it would rock! Please feel free to add comments and ideas, since nothing is decided yet. and yes, if you are willing to help out (and not FAIL after a week or 2), please say so!


Quote from: reelhotgames on December 22, 2009, 12:48:36 PM
Take a look here:


I know about zombies, and played it a few times. it is more a board game than a card game, and it involves loads of dice rolls. It is a nice game, but it is hardly customizable (unless you have house rules).

I would like to see a customizable Zombie card game. How awesome would it be to have your own group of survivors beating their way through hordes of zombies..

we can even make this game REAL if enough players are interested in joining. we could make the game semi-collectible, with 52-card decks, with fixed cards. Just push out 10 different decks or so, with slight overlap of some cards, and you can have players just play with the deck they have, or pool cards together for customization.

I know a fairly cheap printing shop that prints card in 52-54 card (normal poker deck) quantities for about 5$, depending on the # of decks we print. (100 or so)

As said before, Art can be easy to find. all it needs are a few people in strange or weird poses, add some filters in photoshop, add some gore, some blood, and your zombies are good to go!

I am now pretty ties up in holidays, familym work and my other ccg, Clone Wars, but when that is finished up, beginning of next year, I am seriously goign deeper into this.

EDIT: take a look here and see how it could be done:


Hey! This is an amazing idea and I'm very interested in helping you. Count me in :)


sounds cool, tell me more! feel free to email...


I like the sound of this and, depending on what sort of help you would require, would be willing to contribute to the game's completion.

This is what I like lackey for anyways. It's nice to be able to play your favorite ccg online when no one else within 100 miles even knows of its existence but to see people making their own games for it is just <insert expletive here> awesome!

I would definitely like to see how this turns out.

Good on ya, mate!