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10/2/10 SoM Game Day (Single Elimination Type 2)

Started by xKlonoax, September 27, 2010, 07:22:48 PM

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As you all know Scars of Mirrodin came out this month, and since no one really runs tournaments.. I thought I would have a Game day for Scars of Mirrodin to get you guys all ready for our new standard format.

Tournament Type: Single Elimination
Format: Type 2 (SoM)
Rounds are best 2/3
You and your opponent must agree on who will be making the room for the game.
Do NOT start a new game until both you and your opponent agree on going to the next game of the match.
When you are done, hold on to your results until I am finished, you will know when I am finished when I post a message in the main Lackey Server chat.
ONLY Join if you know the rules and if you have good sportsmanship.

Must send me a message on the forum along with a Decklist and Sideboard if you are signing up, YES I will be playing too but im not going to cheat by studying deck lists and making a deck to beat all of those as I already have a deck build.

The winner WILL get a prize but you don't get to know what it is yet.
Good luck and have fun!