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Location cards: Horizontal or Vertical?

Started by xchokeholdx, November 19, 2009, 05:08:59 AM

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I am creating a Clone Wars cards game, and I need to introduce Location cards. These card can be Planets, Palaces or even onboard of a Spaceship.

I know that a lot of card games like to have their location cards 90? rotated (Horizontal), but I find it a pita to read while in my hand (card name, numbers, gametext). not to mention I am signalling to my opponent I have one or more location cards in hand each time I am tilting my head "for no reason"....

Why should it be Horizontal? just to give the perception of a Horizon or something?


I think both paths are valid. I've always thought the idea of all cards being horizontal might be interesting to play with. I actually see a few possible arrangements you could use that people never do.

Choose one:
Art on the left, rules on the right.
Art on the top, rules on the bottom.

Choose one:
Card is tall.
Card is wide.


I would say, if the locations are going to be turned, make them tall (like other cards). If you just plop them down on the table and don't turn them thereafter, its ok to make them sideways.

I think tall is best.


Finally going to see a location card over there (other site). My personal opinion is that they are all vertical, because when you use them for generating force the row is going to look odd with horizonal, vertical and horizontal layout. The other problem is that they take up room on the table and when activated(if so) will show better vertical.


I prefer them to look like all other cards. The reason for them to be horizontal is, to me, just to give more space for cards to be aligned in front of them in the case of games where locations build the board. If Locations are not building the board and are just sort of enchantments, there is no reason for them to be horizontal.


As you play them from your hand, I would say to make them normal. Making it easier to read.


i think horizontal is so that you can show more landscape art for it and in general make it look cool. it comes down to functionality, what will the locations actually do? and then pick according to it, i think trevor had the right idea


Yeah, as it turned out, I liked normally upright more than landscape. landscape is only used if you physically attach other cards or tokens to it.

For the Clone Wars game, it is just a single location card in play, and the readability when the card is in your hand is better when it is simply upright.

And since the art on it is mostly planet shots from space, they do not need a horizontal positioning either.. I think I made the right desicion. I hate to need to turn cards in my hand to be able to read them...