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A little question.

Started by magekirbys, May 19, 2010, 08:54:46 AM

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Since some cards don't seem to load their images is there a way for me to give them the image manually?

I tried placing a file with the same name and the proper picture but it still won't show up on lackey.

Thanks in advance ;)


It is possible, but you have to get the name exact... If the image is bigger or smaller than the ones lackey uses, it will show. Try updating your pluggin, i had trouble with loading images til i updated.


Updating the plugin is what breaks the pictures since they can't load anyway.  I think I got the name exact since I just followed the pattern used on the other card's pictures.


Check your plugin and set file. If it uses specific pointers for a specific images it could be that the image you're after wasn't included or goes by a different filename than the pattern might indicate.


Some how there was an extra I in the name. But it's fixed now, Yay for images.
Thanks ;D