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second world card game

Started by notdevante, February 01, 2017, 05:55:35 PM

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Hello, I decided to update my post about my current project second world.

I have been working on this game for around 6 years now. I still have a way to go before the game it's complete, but I wanted to show what I got and get some feedback.

In Second world you play a human who has fallen into the second world. The second world is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals who see humans as legends with great power. Then by building an army out of the ally you have met you do battle with other humans who have fallen into the second world in hope to one day find a way home.

current rule


interesting you made this yourself?


the gameplay i made the art are all commission i collect over the years.


cool this can make for a interesting plugin. I manage my own game's plugin so if you need some on making this into a playable plugin pm me ill show you how to do it.