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macOS version cannot find fonts

Started by hackmodford, December 20, 2016, 09:02:58 AM

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When I open the application it keeps sending to the page that tells my that I am missing fonts but the font file is there in the application.

I checked the fonts folder and they are present.

I am on macOS 10.12.2


Do you have a top level Fonts folder in the LackeyCCG folder itself?


Yes the font folder is there. The files are also present in the folder from what I can tell.
Anything I can do to help?


Hi, bumping this one as I have the exact same problem ? downloaded the last version and unzipped it, it does send me to the "no fonts" page, even if I have the fonts folder and everything. If anyone has a solution, I'd be glad !


According to Trevor this happens when you try running the application from outside it's folder. Dunno if it'll help or not, but that's the only possible solution I have at this time.

muesli pariah

Nothing to do with using it outside its folder, at least not for me.

Solution: Right click the application, choose "Show Package Contents", go to Contents > MacOS and open the LackeyCCG exec file.

the arsonist

My friends and I have run into this issue. I just got a new laptop and downloaded lackey. It would not open, with the font error as the reason. I did not modify the download in any way. I copied my lackey folder from my old computer and it opens fine. Both old and new computers are running the latest version of MacOS Sierra

the arsonist

I found out what the issue is. This happened to me when I downloaded Kerbal Space Program as well. Apparently Sierra adds a quarantine attribute to certain downloaded applications. The solution is to run a terminal command and remove the quarantine attribute from your LackeyCCG folder.
You can view the extended attributes by opening Terminal and typing this command (replace the path with your folder location. You can type "xattr" put a space and then drag the lackey folder from Finder into the terminal window to automatically add the path.)

xattr /Users/youruserpath/Downloads/LackeyCCG

This gives me the following attributes:

To remove the quarantine attribute, simply add the -d flag to delete the chosen extended attribute and the -r flag to apply the command recursively to the entire directory (Lackey folder)

xattr -dr /LackeyCCGpath

If you're not familiar with Terminal, there won't be a message that tells you the task was completed. You can run the xattr command without any flags again to verify you've removed the quarantine attribute. You should now be able to launch LackeyCCG and install your plugin.


Thank you for posting this Terminal solution - I know I shouldn't get annoyed at free software, but this was driving me up the walls.


Thank you for this solution! Even a year later, it's still helping people fix the Mac font issue.  :) .

Phlogiston Warrior

Still a good answer on 5 May 2020.