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Feature Request: Stretch To Fit / 1:1 Ratio setting
« on: June 08, 2016, 10:14:17 pm »
Okay, so I've been struggling a bit with making a complete module in Lackey that actually looks "right".
The reason for that is because the grid and the playmat image both stretch to fit the viewing window.
This causes all sorts of problems with readability and usability.
And I have images to illustrate the problems!
So first is with placement and card readability.
(To be clear, when I say "readability", I'm referring to the ability to see what the card is, not to actually read the text on it.)

In this first example (click for full size), we see the spacing between cards as I would like it.
This works fine with a maximized window at 1920x1080 screen resolution.

In this example, we have the same exact game and setup, only windowed to take up just half of my screen.
As you can see, the cards in the middle are overlapped by the cards on either side.
This is because the grid has resized to fit the viewing window, and the cards are still aligned to the intersections of the grid.
They're in the right place, but that space is squished together, causing the cards to overlap.

And things only get worse if you want to use a playmat image.

As you can see here, I have a playmat image that the cards are intended to be laid upon.
They don't line up right now because I stopped trying to make it work, but you can see what I was going for.
If I changed the grid settings and the scale of the image, I could eventually make it work at that exact resolution...

...However, if I maximize my window again, the playmat image stretches to fill the space, and the size of the spaces on the mat are not even close to the size of the cards.

So what do I propose to solve this issue?
First, make the cards stretch with everything else.
If my playmat is stretched to have short, wide spaces for the cards, then my cards should also be short and wide, inhabiting the space on the playmat.
Second, add a "stretch to fit" check box in the Appearance options to turn stretching on or off for the playmat/cards.
When checked, stretch everything (playmat, grid, card images), and when unchecked, make everything 1:1 pixel aspect ratio (at 100% zoom).
In other words, exactly what the "Make card viewer image stretch to allotted space?" option does.

So is this a feature we can have?

(also, some weird text about eMetrics seems to be showing up at the end of my post when I preview - not sure what that's about)