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Deck browser doesn't work
« on: December 28, 2015, 11:04:49 pm »
You can click on the headers of the columns in order to sort, but the sorting doesn't work.

First - it looks like it's sorting each column alphabetically, even for date and numeric values.

Second, the sorting is only cosmetic.  If you sort by anything other than name, the sorted list doesn't correspond to the actual decks.  So if you click on a deck to select it, you don't actually see that deck in the listing on the right.

Third - like all other grids you can't really resize the columns and if you make them big enough to see the deck names or the sizes of the decks then the data scrolls off to the right and becomes lost.

Fourth - (this is really a repeat of often repeated enhancement request) - please support subdirectories/folders.  If you don't want to put a directory browser into lackey then allow named folders to be part of a plugin text file.  Something simple like a two column file   Name, Path  or, if you want to go the xml route then something like this.

All you would have to do is allow selection of a folder from a dropdown and then go to that folder using your current method.
If the path is wrong, that's on the user, not on you.  Simply return an error and bring them back to the dropdown list.
The dropdown could always include the default directory that is already present.