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Unable to use multiple card backs

Started by MediumSexy, November 03, 2015, 07:51:13 PM

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I can't get the multiple cardback function to work.

I have the following image saved in both the /general folder and in the set folder for the card: routinecardback.jpg

The plungininfo.txt file ends with the following:

......   <cardfunction>



The cardinfo file has (in the column for image names):


I've also tried it as:
coolandcalm , routinecardback
coolandcalm, routinecardback

It's not working at all. In fact, the front of the card doesn't load, it attempts to download the image "coolandcalm,routinecardback.jpg" (or the other variants.)

I'm stuck. Can anyone help?


Did you mean:


You forgot a right angle bracket (<) before "/kind".  :P


This guy right here.

Thanks man! I was cutting/pasting from the tutorial and everything to make sure it was right.

It's working now, thanks again!