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Table/Playmat query
« on: October 18, 2015, 09:43:46 am »
I have made a custom playmat that I imported into lackey and it works fine. The question is for the game I am designing, I would like to add separate areas for different cards on the table. I added an extra layer for each area in photoshop and made the playmat in that way. It looked fine and I was pretty happy with how it looked.

But will lackey allow me to define those specific game areas on the table in the plugin so that a card played from one area will move to another area by using a button. I know that you can move cards from say the main deck to the hand by button.

Also if i play a card from hand I want to put it in one of four specific marked place on the table. It doesn't matter so much of it goes to the table by button push or by the player but how do I make snap to boxes so that if the card is placed near to an area on the table lackey snaps it into place, I would like a neat and tidy play area.  :)