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Player Avatar Archive Thread

Started by AuraDragon, August 06, 2015, 09:30:25 PM

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In response to people's desire for bling-y avatars and Trevor's IRL delays to releasing the update with the fixed player avatars transferring method, I have decided to take it upon myself to host a RAR archive on my Dropbox containing all the avatars people attach to this thread, so that everyone can see each others avatars while playing on the Lackey server.

The only criteria I request from your avatars are such:

  • Small-ish size, anything over 300x300 is pushing it, if it fits my desktop as a wallpaper then it'll be resized.
  • Put your username at the beginning of the filename, such as "hydra.jpg" being "Snoogy_hydra.jpg" so that nobody has overlapping avatars

Please have patience as I'll have to manually add people's avatars to the archive.  This cannot be automated.

That's about it.

You can download the archive at any time here:  DOWNLOAD ARCHIVE