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Japanese import TCG club

Started by IEatYourSoul, August 28, 2014, 06:53:04 PM

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I have been dying to play vanguard, weiss schwartz, yu-gi oh, wixoss, dual masters, and any other Japanese imported tcg/ccg.
Unfortunately everyone here usually plays magic and it is hard to get or find any of these games.

What the club is about:

-making it ridiculously easy to start a match of weiss, YGO, etc.

-sharing some plugins that are no longer available

-game discussions such as some not-so-apparent rulings, deck building tips, and new Japanese import games and/or boosters that will be coming out soon.

-chance to get together with other individuals that like the Japanese Tcg/ccg scene and try some different styles of card battles.

-basically anything J.I. related

How to join

If any one is interested in joining the club and playing any of these games, but you don't have skype, ventrillo, or anything of the sort., free to type in what games you want to play and what time you are going to be on In accordance with GMT.

Otherwise, just add me on skype (my skype info at the bottom of this post) or let me know you are going to be on the lackey ventrillo server, and I will see you there.
lackey vent info:

Need plugins?

- If you need any of the plugins lemme know, and I will be happy to either give you an update list, show where the zip is or zip one of my plugin folders and host a download on drop box.-

Also, if anyone has a working dual masters plugin(it is the only plugin I don't have from the list above) please send me a link here in this topic or drop box it and send me a link, TY.

Contact info:
you can email me at -

Easiest way to get in touch with me is via skype : demoNYNY