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Updated video tutorials for LackeyCCG

Started by Trevor, July 24, 2014, 04:04:29 AM

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I updated the video tutorials for LackeyCCG.

Please let me know if you learned anything, or are still confused about something. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


Well, not really. Since lackey still doesn't wotk properly on mac's I can't test it out properly. But nice video. But no iPad version in app store yet. Just as info, no complaints :)



 LackeyCCG Tutorial 3: Deck Editor
was awesome.
Thanks for this.

Johnny Blaze


Quote from: Johnny Blaze on July 24, 2014, 08:31:04 PM
Maybe a video on Drafting..?
you can draft in lackey but I think it's simpler to use to do the actual drafting. when you are done drafting, use the "EXPORT TO MTGO" button with your card pool. use a text editor like Wordpad to open the file it downloads, which is named something like "TappedOut-Draft-Seat-Seat 1.txt". select all the text, and copy to your clipboard. then, in lackey, go to deck editor panel, and click the "Card Pool" tab around the middle of the deck editor window. click the "Paste" button in the card pool area and lackey will import your whole card pool you just drafted. you can either add cards one at a time to your deck list above, or you can use the "Add all to Deck" button and remove the cards from the deck list. you can also add to your card pool the pack called "100 Basic Lands". if you ever accidentally add more cards to your deck list than your pool allows, the "verify deck" button gets red. click it to remove the extra cards from your deck list and make sure your deck can be made from your card pool.
thats what i do. works really well and i usually do some drafts with some friends and we play on lackey.

Johnny Blaze

Yea Bort much better than using Lackey to Draft, Just tryed a Sample Draft , put deck on Lackey.. Now i can


Is there an up-to-date list of commands anywhere? I don't really want a video, but a reference.

I go here but it's incomplete.

For example /lcd isn't described, I found it in a random thread a few months ago.
I don't know what else might be missing but would be helpful.


This may sound like I live under a rock, but I'm still somewhat lost when it comes to creating a plugin and auto update url's.

By any chance is there a step by step for creating a plug in?

Many thanks in advance!