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This is a thread to maintain a list of the manual download locations for plugins that do not have an online updatelist.txt or have an alternate version that requires a manual download of the files outside of Lackey itself.

Plugin: UFS
Maintainer: Hunt3r of 3vil
Manual Download: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)

Plugin: PowerRangers CCG
Maintainer: Souji Tendou
Manual Download: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)

PLugin: Universalia-files 1.0
Maintainer: Howl
Manual Download: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)
Manual Download second set 2.0:

Plugin: Fight Klub
Maintainer: StreetFighter

mariov: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)

from sheepdog

warhammer40k horus heresy for those who are interested

cheers :)

EpicTCG (Gone as of 3/22/2018)

It is strongly suggested that all plugins should be installed via autoupdate (at least primarily), which is pretty easy to create and maintain by a plugin maker. If anyone needs help getting autoupdate to work for their plugin, let me know.

Trevor, I need help making a plugin. Though it won't be finish for a while, I'd still like to have the game part set up and i'll work on the card sets later. Any help would be nice.


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