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Plugin Manual Downloads

Started by Alastair, February 16, 2010, 01:02:22 PM

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This is a thread to maintain a list of the manual download locations for plugins that do not have an online updatelist.txt or have an alternate version that requires a manual download of the files outside of Lackey itself.

Plugin: UFS
Maintainer: Hunt3r of 3vil
Manual Download: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)

Plugin: PowerRangers CCG
Maintainer: Souji Tendou
Manual Download: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)

PLugin: Universalia-files 1.0
Maintainer: Howl
Manual Download: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)
Manual Download second set 2.0:

Plugin: Fight Klub
Maintainer: StreetFighter


#1 (Gone as of 3/22/2018)

from sheepdog

warhammer40k horus heresy for those who are interested

cheers :)


EpicTCG (Gone as of 3/22/2018)


It is strongly suggested that all plugins should be installed via autoupdate (at least primarily), which is pretty easy to create and maintain by a plugin maker. If anyone needs help getting autoupdate to work for their plugin, let me know.


Trevor, I need help making a plugin. Though it won't be finish for a while, I'd still like to have the game part set up and i'll work on the card sets later. Any help would be nice.


the UFS link doesn't work for me. :(


If one of the links doesn't work you should first contact the maintainer of that plugin. If after a while it still doesn't work I'll remove it from the list.


Plugin Name: Project Hybrid
Link: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)
Link to Game Rules (Please Include):
Additional Instructions (Please Include):
Extract the files to your main Lackey CCG Folder, its set up so that all the files will fall into the proper sub-directories. After extraction you will need to change your table image (Preferences > Appearance) to the included "experiment" image, since Project Hybrid is played on a grid and positioning is very important.


The mediafire link for Epic TCG seems to not work anymore.  Any updates for that? Thanks!

Code Money

AGoT Complete Card Set Download: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)

setinfo.txt included.


EPIC is a dead game so there may not be anyone to maintain it :( now Cardfight Vanguard thats the wave of the future :) BTW Fight Klub (really that game is decent)


Someone's posted a Maple Story manual here. I've written and offered to write them their auto-updater, but we'll see. Thought I'd post the link to the manual anyway so I can find some players :D


Hi All,

I have made the plugin of the Simpsons Tcg.
Here you can downolad the plugin: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)
And here is the rulebook:

I hope you enjoy it.


I have finished (for now) my plugin for the Aliens Predator CCG:

Here is the plugin: (Gone as of 3/22/2018)
Here are the Rules:

Real Expansions included: Premiere, Resurrection
Fan Made Expansions included: Atmosphere, Cityscape (There needs to be more info the latter)



Hi, i have just made a plugin. How do i upload it? I have registered for Multiupload? Thx!