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Odd problem with the new Lackeyccg

Started by ghostdragon, August 05, 2013, 04:14:23 AM

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If I'm looking at (for example) an pdf file and expand Lackeyccg the Lackey screen stays white for anything up to a few minutes before the program comes up. I apologize for my description being a little vague but the technical terms escape me).


When you resize the window, Lackey needs to reload images if I recall. If things are taking a few minutes, things sound wrong. At most, it should take a few seconds. Like, less than 5.


I got a similar issue, if not the same.
The steps are simple:
- Install the VTES plugin
- Play a game or two
- Quit Lackey
- Try to start Lackey again - crash 100% of the time

The first time this happened, I just reinstalled everything again. The second time I investigated a bit because I had a deck created, and found that just by renaming Preferences.txt Lackey would happily start again and create a new Preferences.txt file.

So something the plugin (or me) changed in Preferences.txt, is causing the crash.

Attached are my file, _Preferences.txt, which crashes Lackey, and the one Lackey creates when I don't have any, Preferences.txt.