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Started by desco34, August 02, 2013, 12:22:10 PM

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Hi! I'm a new entry, Marco from Italy!
I am an old Anachronism player, I subscribed in order to find someone to play online! :)

Anyone out there??
I can also teach if someone wants to try it! ;)


Whats up Marco.  I love Anachronism and would like to play.  When are you availble?


Hi!!! I'm from Italy so I have UTC+1, but it's not really a problem, I can play late in the night if necessary! Where are you from?

In general I'm available every evening/night, except for the period 4/8-11/8, during which I'm on holiday and so I won't be able to play

Let me know ;)


Anyway, when are available during your day? If you want we could arrange a couple of games before I leave tomorrow ;)


I'm in Northern California, USA UTC -8 I believe.  I work most nights so I'm available most Sundays.  Just let me know when you are available.


Ok then, as I've said I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for a week, and since we have a 9h-gap, I believe, it will be impossibile to play tomorrow (anyway I'm staying online if you wake up very early in the morning! :D)...but we can stay in contact for the next week! (returning the 11/8)
So...prepare your warriors!

See you soon in the arena!



you got it, see you next week.  Have a great vacation!


I'm here now, ready for the arena! Tell me which is the gap of hours you can be online and we can arrange the game!