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Macro: The World Map

Started by 3XXXDDD, October 31, 2012, 11:05:42 AM

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Pre-Requisite Reading

Macro: The World Map

Terrain Cards

Terrain Cards have two sides. On one side, you have a large image signifying the type of "Terrain" that card is. E.g. Green back for grassy plains Terrain.

On the other side, you will have one of three things; More terrain, a creature and or an Item.

The game starts with getting many Terrain Cards with X Blank Terrain, Y Monster Terrain, Z Item Terrain. XYZ being numbers the players decide to define themselves. You shuffle these cards and then spread them out on the table face-down into a pattern (more than likely a square-esque shape). Players take turning walking their Avatars through-out the terrain and each time they step onto a new piece of Terrain, it is flipped face up.

If you step on a Terrain with a creature, that is a "Wild Encounter" and you are now placed into battle with that creature using the same round based system as Macro: The MCG. Creatures will have various abilities listed on their card and instead of a Player choosing the ability, a face of a Die or Dice will be placed beside each individual ability. A Dice is then rolled and the ability with the corresponding face(s) will activate. (Note - There will also be Boss and or Legendary Creatures who won't rely on dice and will actually base their moves on the Player's previous abilities played and or a standard pattern. I'm not entirely sure on how to make this perfectly sophisticated though).

After a Player defeats a creature, they will take that piece of Terrain and place it next to their Avatar. The creature will have listed on it a "Reward" which improves the stats of the Player. E.g If a Player kills a boar that has a "Reward: Endurance +1" that Player's Avatar's endurance is now increased by 1 for the rest of the game.

If a Player lands on an Item Terrain, they will receive that item and place it into their quest bag. The quest bag should have limited slots and just as the Terrain density was decided by the players, so are the quest bag slots. Suggestions would include 8, 16 and possibly 32 for large campaigns.
This isn't so much of a game itself as it is an area to create various campaigns, you could have two players racing to defeat X creatures in X Time/Turns or a Treasure Hunt or just even an area if you wanted to give Macro: The MCG a place to run around.
So any criticisms or anything you couldn't understand?